Can you sell a house that needs repairs?

Homes that are damaged or have fallen into disrepair are difficult and costly to sell. By trusting an all cash real estate investor a homeowner can walk away from their damaged property in San Diego quickly with cash in hand.

5 Tips For Selling A Rundown House In San Diego

Do you need to sell a rundown house in San Diego? Listen below for tips on how to do so successfully! (click below to listen) Transcription:Hi Everyone. I appreciate you watching this.  Now today, we’ll discuss something that is quite common in San Diego, Selling a rundown property in San Diego. I’m going to discuss … Continued

Selling in Oceanside

How To Spot a Scam When Buying or Selling Real Estate in Oceanside, San Diego

As criminals have become adept at developing scams in the real estate industry, including all of the services associated with real estate, the importance of working with a professional buying or selling real estate in Oceanside has never been of such significance. Even relative to only a few years ago, things are increasingly getting worse. You need … Continued

Sell my house fast lemon grove

5 Ways To Get Out of a Mortgage in Lemon Grove

People will often buy a house only to have their needs change as the years go by. Truth be told, unforeseen circumstances happen all the time. There are time when paying a mortgage on an unwanted house can be incredibly stressful and frustrating. In this post, we offer 5 ways to get out of your … Continued

sell my house now san diego

What To Do With Your Inherited Property In San Diego, CA

(click video to listen) Transcript:Hi Everyone: Today I will discuss What To Do With Your Unwanted Inherited Property In San Diego My name is Brian of Trusted House Buyers and thanks for tuning in. A very popular item that is inherited and frequently unwanted is…real estate property. When family members or close friends pass on, … Continued

Sell in Spring Valley

Five Tips For Selling Your House With Damage in Spring Valley

There’s comes a time when you’ve come to the difficult decision to sell your house, but you realize there is some damage to the property that makes you hesitant. If you don’t have the extra cash to make the repairs before selling, here are 5 tips for selling your house with damage in Spring Valley. … Continued