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Fall Out of Escrow in San Diego

The subject of this video centers around ways in which the sale of your San Diego home can fall through. Today we will discuss how and why the sale of your San Diego home can unfortunately fall through.  Thanks for watching. My name is Brian of Trusted House Buyers and it’s important to understand the … Continued

How to Sell Your San Diego House That You’ve Lived in for Over 20 Years

If you are considering selling your home that you have lived in for over 20 years, navigating the real estate market can be quite daunting. Once you have decided to sell, the flood of decisions has just begun, and depending on your individual circumstances, it can be an emotional and oftentimes, stressful process. Whether you … Continued

San Diego House

What You Need to Know About Companies That Buy Houses in San Diego

Are you looking to sell your San Diego home?  There are many reasons why sellers chose to work with house buying companies.  These companies will pay cash for your home and many will take your home in as-is condition.  That means that if your house is distressed or in need of renovations and obvious repairs, … Continued

Selling my House in San Diego When Moving

Selling my San Diego House When Moving

Today we will discuss how to sell your San Diego house fast when you are moving.  In this video, we will discuss some helpful things to remember when selling your San Diego home if you are going to move. My name is Emily of Trusted House Buyers and it’s important to understand the ins and … Continued

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Factors That Can Stall the Sale of Your House in San Diego

There are several factors that can delay the closing of your house that can weigh a toll financially and emotionally.  The gears of a real estate deal don’t always shift into the next phase of the process smoothly. It can be frustrating to believe your closing date is near, only to learn that everything is … Continued

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Selling your San Diego House Without Spending Any Money

We all know that when you are looking to put your house for sale on the market, there is a laundry list of tasks, and not to mention money, that goes into it.  You want to make sure your house has made repairs and even renovations to attract buyers who will pay top dollar.  In … Continued

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Upside to Quickly Selling your Inherited Home in San Diego

When you have inherited a home, it is likely that your close friends and family members had the best intentions, however, the reality of the situation doesn’t always work out favorably for the benefactor. Many who inherit a home have no interest in living on the property. For others, it’s too emotional for them to … Continued

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Tips to Selling Your San Diego House Fast, Even in a Slow Market

If you are wondering what you are going to do about selling your San Diego house quickly when there is a slow market, you have come to the right place. Cash investors offer a quick, money-saving alternative to the traditional home sales process. So read on as we explore how to sell your San Diego … Continued