5 Ways to Ensure The Cash Buyer You’re Selling Your Home to is Reputable

While most of the cash buyers out there are professionals with a high level of integrity, cash buyers do come with varying experience levels – and scruples.

So, it’s important to be able to differentiate the novices from the pros.

That way, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting cash in your hand for your home on time, without stress.

To help your chances of a successful cash sale, here are 5 ways to ensure the cash buyer you’re selling your home to is reputable:

  1. Determine Their Experience Level

There are many people out there who started calling themselves cash buyers right after attending a weekend workshop on house flipping but have never actually bought a home.

That’s why it’s really important to ask the cash buyer you’re considering selling your home to how many deals they’ve actually done… then ask them to tell you a little bit about those deals.

  1. Google Them

Check the cash buyer’s website. Do they have a good amount of testimonials on their site from happy home sellers? See if there are pictures of the homes they’ve purchased. Then look for helpful information (such as a blog) and an explanation of how their process works.

Are they local to your area? Are there any team member names listed on their site, or is it void of any real ‘people,’ and just a ‘front’ to capture your information?

Also, be sure to check their social media channels. Do they have a decent-size following and post stuff regularly? If so, that’s probably a good sign.

  1. Gauge The Level of Responsiveness

A truly established, professional cash buyer is easily accessible and highly responsive during the initial introduction, and throughout the entire process

If you’re having trouble getting a hold of them or don’t hear back from them after a couple days, you need to find another cash buyer.

  1. Meet with Them In-Person

It’s important to know who you’re really dealing with. If you’re on the same page with the cash buyer after the first call, make sure they come to take a look at your home – if there’s resistance, that’s a sure red-flag. And then chat it up with them.

  1. Do a Gut Check

While confabbing with the cash buyer, stay tuned to what your gut is telling you. Are you certain they’re being honest?Are they giving specific answers to your questions or speaking very generally? Are you experiencing any uneasy feelings?

After they leave, think about what they’ve said and do another gut check. Sometimes it’s easier to determine how you really feel about things in retrospect.

If you feel comfortable with them as a transaction partner AND feel good about their offer, it’s probably safe to proceed.

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