Five Great Reasons To Live in Ramona, San Diego


If you are in search of real reasons why you should settle down in Ramona, then you have come to the right place. Although it is a small town community in Northern San Diego County, Ramona draws it fame from being close to significant cities in San Diego and Los Angeles. Ramona is surrounded by a serene landscape and because it is located in an area referred to as the high desert it enjoys a perfect blend of warm desert air with a fantastic dose of cool sea air. The quiet atmosphere in Ramona can be quite addictive as most Residents don’t feel like leaving this peaceful and serene town once they get there. Ramona is also regarded as the gateway to the Mainland Mountains. Amongst many, consider these five reasons why you should live in Ramona.

city of ramona san diegoPerfect to raise a family:

Preschool and kindergarten fees are easily affordable, not a high amount for education. Most families that have lived in Ramona for a couple of years now have attested to the fact this town somehow often makes a close-knit family even closer because of its family atmosphere. Because of its serene landscapes, it is very friendly to raise kids, or start a family in Ramona. There are several spectacular fun spots to visit with your family. One example is the Oasis Camel Dairy. A trip to the Oasis Carmel Diary is one who will not forget over the course of your lifetime. Located on the outskirts of Ramona, the Oasis Carmel Diary is a famous attraction center for families to see something unique while having fun.

Ideal for a fresh start:

Tired of all the hustle and bustle of city life? The rush to work every morning? Traffic jams and long lines? Then Ramona in San Diego could be the ideal choice for you. This town offers newcomers the ability to start afresh. Settling down is seamlessly easy and it’s also very easy to get acquainted with the neighborhood and make new friends.

Keeps you physically fit:

As impressive as this may sound, it is true. Residing in Ramona keeps you physically fit, and this is the reason why: there are a lot of unique rock formations and mountains perfect for hiking in Ramona. If you are a lover of hiking, Ramona has one of the most famous and unique rock formations. Ever heard of the potato chip Rock? It is located right here in Ramona.

Lots of fun places to visit:

Being a quiet town, Ramona offers a wide range of amazing places to visit and fun activities to indulge in considering its size. It is home to one of the most elegant resort in San Diego, the Barona Casino and Resorts. The Barona Casino offers some of the best thrilling gaming in the world. Mt Woodson Country Club shouldn’t be left out either. The golf club here is often referred to as the best in San Diego and most beautiful in California.

Perfect to start a small business:

Laden with tourist and adventure enthusiasts yearly, Ramona is perfect to start a small business of your own. The town is great and full of happy families willing to visit these attraction centers regularly so coming up with a business will likely be welcomed by the locals and can provide a nice stable income to grow year after year.

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