How Much is Your House Worth to an Investor?

Let’s be honest – Selling your home can be a truly arduous task that can lead to nothing but stress and sleepless nights. There is an endless list of “jobs to be done” prior to even contacting a real estate agent like cleaning and organizing, decluttering, painting, repairing and the list goes on and on. Then, once you do have a realtor walk through your home to evaluate the value, they may provide you with all new items you hadn’t even noticed that need to be addressed before they can get you “top dollar” for your property. Finally, once your home is actually listed for sale, you have to keep it in absolutely pristine condition in the event that spontaneous showing will occur. Sometimes this process can stretch on for weeks or months, all the while your pressure is building and you are barely able to live in your home. 

For these reasons and many more, many of your neighbors have made the decision to forego the painful process of selling a home the conventional way, and instead have opted to seek out a professional home investor. But oftentimes, before a homeowner contacts a company like Trusted House Buyers, they want to know the answer to one simple question: How much will a real estate investor pay for my home?

The amount your house is worth to an investor is variable based on many factors like condition and location.
How much can you get for your home from a real estate investor

Though the most burning question posed by curious homeowners is certainly related to the bottom line, there are a few more we should address that will more fully educate you and ultimately help you understand how a decision about price is made by an investor.

Who are home investors?

For the most part, real estate investors are individuals who make their income by purchasing property, overseeing the renovation of that house, and then selling the home to a new owner. This may sound like a simple answer, and it is, but the larger related question to be answered is what is the difference between a local home investor and someone who is part of a large national corporation? 

Over the last few years, many large corporate investment companies have sprung up with the purpose of financing middle men in local communities. This means that if you are dealing with a representative in your home, you are not dealing with the decision maker for the process. All transaction decisions and ultimately sale prices in this type of situation must be considered and most likely amended by a corporate entity who has never seen your home. 

By contrast, if you choose to work with an investor who is local to the San Diego area and has been working in your neighborhood for over 20 years, you are directly dealing with the decision maker of the process. Trusted House Buyers, for example, makes decisions of valuation based on the location and condition of the home. When you receive a quote from our estimator and owner Brian Mollo you can feel confident that that number will not change prior to closing. 

What are some advantages of selling to an investor?

Earlier in the article, I touched on one of the main reasons selling to an investor is preferable than a conventional sale to many homeowners. Namely, that there is no requirement to clean or declutter a home. When selling to an investor, sellers simply need to pack their personal belongings and leave the rest. That means that old furniture, clutter, and unwanted belongings can stay and the investor will handle all clean up. 

Another major concern of home sellers that immediately disappears by working with an investor is the need to make repairs to a property. Houses that are in need of major repairs often sit on the market for extremely extended periods of time. In addition, most lending companies will not approve a loan on a property with considerable damage. Selling to a home investor makes it possible for a house that has some maintenance issues to sell quickly for cash and without the hassle or financial burden to homeowners that the alternative would be. 

Sell your house quickly for Cash

Perhaps the greatest benefit of selling to an investor rather than through another method of sales is the sheer speed at which the transaction can be completed. Selling a home with a realtor means weeks or months of tedious showings and inspections that can truly disrupt your lifestyle. 

By contrast, with most investors and specifically with the team at Trusted House Buyers in San Diego, a deal can be executed sometimes in about a week. If you call us on a Monday and give us a few preliminary details about the home you wish to sell, we can have our estimator out to see the property the next day. Once a valuation has been provided, and a deal has been reached in terms of price and details, it will only be a matter of a few days before all paperwork is signed and the funds are dispersed to you. Selling a home in this manner, fast for cash, means no more maintenance, an end to future loan or insurance payments and peace of mind that you are relieved of the hassle of a home you no longer want or need. On top of that, there are no transaction related costs that you need to incur-NONE!

Speak with a local real estate investor like Brian at Trusted House Buyers to determine the how to sell your house fast for cash.

The Bottom Line – How Much Can I Get for My Property?

While there is no set in stone formula for determining the value a real estate investor would place on your property, there are a number of factors which are always taken into consideration to determine the value of a property. Generally speaking, the estimate you will receive from a reputable real estate investor like Trusted House Buyers will take into account repairs that are necessary down to the penny, as well as considerations like holding costs if repairs require permits from the city of San Diego. 

The amount an investor pays for a home is often a risk to them financially. Companies like Trusted Home Buyers understand that the cash offer they provide is likely not going to be as high as an estimated sales price if the homeowner fixes it up and gets a retail listing price from a realtor.  The sellers we have done business with recognize that not all advantages are monetary. Time, headaches, unknown risks, stress and an as-is purchase are just some of the factors that cannot be quantified.

The benefits of accepting an offer from a real estate professional based on the fair market value they estimate are many. First, choosing to work with a local investor over a large corporate entity means that they are going to make a valuation on your property based on the current market value. They will not be utilizing an impersonal algorithm that may be hard to predict, but instead will take into account market conditions TODAY (not last week or next month). When you deal with a local investor, the valuation you receive is not based on a computer model or decided by a corporate manager thousands of miles away. Instead, you get the absolute best cash offer for your home from Trusted House Buyers because trustworthiness is essential to our family owned business.

In addition, the offers made by Trusted House Buyers are extremely transparent and guaranteed, so once a deal is reached there will be no change to the terms. And speaking for Trusted House Buyers specifically, we have cultivated a positive reputation in the community by offering the homeowners we work with honesty, integrity and fast cash payments. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, and we want you to feel completely secure in your decision to sell your home no matter what avenue you choose. If you are interested in finding out if working with Trusted House Buyers is right for you, give us a call and we will discuss the details of your situation and give you a more accurate idea of what your home may be worth.

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