How Soon Can You Sell A House After Buying It?

You can sell your house as soon as you purchase it—no one can force you to keep it if you don’t want to. But selling it as soon as you buy could mean several things, including losing cash, missing opportunities, incurring hefty capital gains taxes, or paying mortgage prepayment penalties. 

According to Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends, a typical property seller holds their property for 15 years before selling it. If the house is your home, you should be holding it for several years to gain enough equity. 

However, life is unpredictable and things can change at any time, forcing you to consider moving on sooner than you had anticipated. This article helps you determine when you can sell your house and the reasons why you might consider selling your new house right away.

Why You Might Sell Your House Soon After Buying It

If you are not an expert home flipper, you probably want to keep the house for as long as you can to gain significant equity. Unfortunately, circumstances may find you putting up your recently acquired house for sale. Here are some of the reasons why this might happen.

  • Job relocation:  You may be forced to sell your newly acquired house to pursue a new career opportunity.
  • Health emergency:  You may be faced with a serious health emergency that forces you to free up equity in order to take care of medical bills.   
  • Buyer’s remorse:  You might end up selling your new house if it doesn’t suit you after all, and you regret buying it.
  • Family changes:  If one of your family members dies or relocates, you might be compelled to sell your house to move to another location.
  • Financial problems:  You might consider selling your newly acquired house if the mortgage payments prove to be too expensive for you.
  • Hot sellers’ market:  If you gain your desired equity sooner than you anticipated, you might be tempted to sell the house to make a profit.

How Soon Should You Sell A House After Acquiring It

As indicated above, you are free to sell your house whenever you want. However, you will most likely relinquish the numerous financial benefits that come with holding a property for a longer time. You also have to consider the cost of buying the house, the equity acquired or lost, the cost of moving, and the cost of selling the house.

You should also consider the breakeven point. This is the duration it would take for the idea of buying a house to make more financial sense than renting, taking into account all the costs associated with buying a house. 

On average, it will take you two years and three months to accrue significant equity and pay down your mortgage balance for your median-valued house. It’s only after achieving these objectives that buying a house will make more sense than renting a typical apartment.

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to sell the house sooner than your breakeven horizon. For instance, that could happen if you’ve flipped the house and made significant renovations within a short time to increase its resale value or the market value of the homes in your area shot up unexpectedly. It may also make sense to sell your newly acquired house if you got a great deal when buying it.


You need to calculate your possible profit or loss before you sell your house. Knowing what to expect in advance minimizes stress and allows you to make the right decision. 

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