How to Sell Your San Diego House When You Have Roomates

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When you have roommates, you may be wondering how you will sell your San Diego house. Roommates do have rights. As with all legal matters, naturally, it’s best to understand them before your roommate is in place, but as life has a way of changing our financial and personal circumstances, selling the property may be part of the solution we require. With the right information guiding you, you can handle the sale of your home calmly and in a streamlined manner. So read on as we explore what you need to know about selling your house in San Diego when you have roommates. 


Of course, it’s best to have your roommate onboard with the sale, which is the first thing you should know about selling your house in San Diego when you have roommates. Otherwise, you may need to take steps through legal channels. The professionals at Trusted House House Buyers can help you avoid the headaches and expense of uncooperative roommates. At Trusted House Buyers, we are local real estate professionals and investors that care about the needs of our clients.  You will benefit from the vast experience of the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers in dealing with people in all types of circumstances and walks of life. At Trusted House Buyers, our professional buyers can help you develop the right approach to gain the approval and cooperation of your roommates.


Of course, marketing to bring buyers to the door includes the expense of professional photographers, videographers, stagers, and advertising for sellers who want to stand in the competition. Another solution is to skip the hassles of prep work, showings, and all the other inconveniences that go along with selling your San Diego home by going through a direct sale with Trusted House Buyers. At Trusted House Buyers, our professional buyers can even arrange to clean up whatever you leave behind; just pack and go.


Figuring out a price point to sell your San Diego home from the beginning is extremely important when you are trying to sell your home, even if you have roommates. Professional buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers can help you understand the current market value of your home and then let you compare it to an offer to buy your house directly, as-is. In addition, at Trusted House Buyers, our professional buyers will detail the amount of profit a listing would bring vs. the profit from selling your house directly so that you can make an educated decision about what is best for your circumstances. And the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers never charge commissions.


To reach the finish line, you must have crossed your t’s and ensure that the title is clear, that any possible delays from unpermitted repairs, or avoid the headache of correcting repairs uncovered by the inspection that lurk below the surface. Contingencies and disclosure laws also come into play in the possible negative outcome for sellers. The seasoned professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers work with a team of industry specialists to make sure that the house selling process is easy and stress-free.  From the inspection to closing (which usually can happen in just over a week), the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers want to make sure you are happy through every step of the process.  In addition, you won’t even pay any closing costs. At Trusted House Buyers, our professional buyers have built-in efficiency to save sellers time and money; this is how we can offer a guaranteed closing date that we are flexible on, so talk to us about the most convenient closing date.

At Trusted House Buyers, our local professional buyers make it easy for sellers to understand all they need to know about selling your house in ddSan Diego when you have roommates. The pros at Trusted House Buyers  want you to feel good about working with us long after closing. Call Trusted House Buyers at 619-786-0973.

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