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Need some help on how to sell a house because of divorce San Diego? Trusted House Buyers is a market leader in buying local homes fast for cash, and our Company’s President has seen this scenario before. View the video below to get some important tips.

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There are few events in life more trying than a divorce. Going through a divorce can bring on a set of extreme emotions, including having to deal how to sell a house because of divorce San Diego. It is one of the last things you’d want to deal with. The home is usually the biggest asset that a couple can own together so it does end up being one of the key elements in a divorce settlement. My name is Brian Mollo and I’m the president of Trusted House Buyers. As a leading local, home buying company, this is something we frequently get calls about. We’re at a house now where they need to sell a house because of divorce San Diego, and we’ll take a quick look around.

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in San Diego. As we start to take a quick look at this house, let’s continue to talk about this problem. There are many tips that prove to be helpful when it comes time to figure out what to do and how to sell a house because of divorce San Diego. We’ll discuss just a few today and then toward the end, we’ll mention a way that you can get an offer today:

First you need to know that California is a community property state. This means that a marriage makes two people one legal ‘community’. So property that the couple acquires during marriage/partnership is considered ‘community property‘. There is no set-in-stone way to divide assets during divorce proceedings, especially if there is no written agreement requiring a particular division of property. Most of the time the decisions regarding the home must be an agreement between spouses. If you can’t come to an agreement, mediation is an alternative that can help ease negotiations. The court can also intervene but in just about every case, it is in a couple’s best interest to try and reach a settlement on the division of property before it becomes a matter for the courts. Once a court rules on the division of property, you will have considerably less control over what actually becomes of the home.

So let’s start to explore some options that might be on the table to sell a house because of divorce San Diego:

#1. Keep the home as is. The couple can continue to “co-own” the home. T his option is often chosen by couples who have children whom they do not want to uproot, especially children nearing the age of 18.

 #2. One spouse can “buy out” the other spouse.  If one spouse wishes to keep the house, he or she may be able to negotiate a plan to purchase the other’s share. The spouse who wishes to keep the home often has to take out a new mortgage, which adds an element of risk.

#3: Actually sell the house because of divorce San Diego.  This can be the ideal solution for any number of reasons.   If your house is brand new or has been completely remodeled in the last few months and if you are not in a hurry to rid yourself of your home, you do stand a better chance of selling it close to market value if you go through traditional channels. But selling a house on the open market, especially one that isn’t in great shape like this one, can take a long time to sell, which means lengthy delays in your ability to find a new, stable living and of course, achieve closure. Unfortunately, a good percentage of real estate agents can’t sell your house fast enough. Often, the home remains unsold for months while you continue to pay the mortgage on a home in which one or both of you are no longer living in. In many cases, they end up selling their homes for well below market value, and on top of that, you have to pay closing costs, escrow fees, commissions to their real estate agents, and other costly expenses. The couples usually end up in worse financial shape. Not to mention the additional stress on day-to-day life and having to deal with your spouse.

If the decision is made to sell a house because of divorce San Diego, there is an option to take some of the pressure off both parties by selling the home fast to a cash buyer. This frees up time and saves yourself the dread of negotiating any further details. By selling fast, you can purchase a new home even faster. Cash buyers in this scenario are the best way to go because they can give you quick money without the hassles with no contingencies or loans to wait on. And with a good one, there are absolutely no costs that you have to worry about. At Trusted House Buyers, we’ve close in as little as 3 days.

sell a house because of divorce san diego, divorce settlement, sell house fast, cash out, separation, divorce courtYour ultimate decision will also depend on your willingness to deal with the hassles and headaches that go along with selling your home. In the aftermath of a divorce, you may not exactly feel up to preparing your home to be viewed by potential buyers, dealing with inspectors and appraisers, and having strangers traipsing through your home as you’re trying to get on with your life. If you are in a hurry to sell to sell a house because of divorce San Diego and are not worried about achieving full market value or it has a lot of deferred maintenance and problems, the final idea is a legitimate option instead of risking the sale on the open market.

We’ve seen in the circumstances of a contentious divorce, the marital home is a source of angst and sometimes even some kinda revenge strategy. Hopefully, it doesn’t become this constant tug of war for you. Through all the court dates, the doubts, and the anger, on a personal note, self-care will become very important. You need your strength and best wits about you as you make this decision. You’ve gottta believe that your best days are ahead of you. And one easy option to consider for timing and money might be to sell the house quickly.

We buy homes as-is and you can leave any unwanted items behind. We’ve been helping San Diego homeowners in all kinds of situations sell their homes fast for cash. We buy homes as-is, and there is never any obligation to hear what we can do and there is no obligation to even get an offer from us. We are a local, family-run company in San Marcos, San Diego and at Trusted House Buyers, we hope we can be of help. If we can’t, we’ll be quick to let you know that as well.

Call our company today at 619-786-0973.

Please feel free to find out a little more about us. My name is Brian and don’t hesitate to ask for me directly. We can chat about your situation and see if we’re a good fit for it.
Thanks for watching and good luck!


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