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There are many reasons why you may need to move quickly and sell your San Diego house fast.  It is a big decision and oftentimes the dread of moving can cause quite the emotional toll.  Selling a home is one of the largest financial moves that you can make, and it is not to be taken lightly.  However, if you are in a situation that requires a quick sale, then selling your home the traditional route is probably not the right move for you.  Today, we will dive into the ins and outs of selling your San Diego house quickly because you need to fast.

When you need to sell your house because you need to move fast, going the traditional route is probably not the right option.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Prep your home: you will need to prep your home for sale, which means doing any minor or major repairs to the house and even renovations.  This can add up to quite the hefty cash load.
  • List your home:  you will need to find a real estate agent to help you list your home on the San Diego MLS.  Beware, if your home is not in tip top shape, listing it on the MLS will cause days and even months on the market and that equals frustration on your part, especially if you need to move fast.
  • Market your home:  you will need to market your home to make sure it appeals to a wide range of buyers.  This can come in the forms of professional photography, videography, 3D renderings, and even drone shots.  If your home does not look like a showstopper, marketing it will take some creativity.  
  • Showings and Open Houses:  Get ready to be prepared for multiple showings and open houses.  This means you will need to vacate your home and have it in shape for an open house to occur.  If time is of the essence, then dealing with the many showings and weekend open houses may cause even more stress.
  • Closing Process:  the closing process includes quite a bit of paperwork, appraisal, and a home inspection.  Although these items seem fairly simple, they aren’t.  When your home goes through an inspection for instance, anything and everything will be brought to the service that could scare away potential buyers.  If that is the case (and it does happen often), you will be back at square one prolonging your moving date yet again.

As you can see, if a quick close is something you not only want, but NEED for your unique situation, then selling your home the traditional route may not be the right avenue to venture down.  At Trusted House Buyers, we have seen and dealt with an array of sensitive situations that required a quick close.  Let’s get into possible scenarios and how we may be the right fit for you.


According to Zippia, “62% of people are willing to relocate for career advancement or an opportunity to make more money.”  This is a staggering statistic and is a reality for many in the workforce.  When you need to move quickly because of job re-location, they usually give you a small window to make that happen and oftentimes, that window is not months and months long while they patiently wait for you to sell your San Diego home.  At Trusted House Buyers, we are able to give you a fair offer for your home and can close usually within 10 days.  In addition, if your timeline is unique, we can adjust the closing date to meet your individual needs.  This avoids prepping your home and listing it on the market.  You can walk away from your San Diego home with cash in your pocket, ready to start the new job and new chapter of your life.


No one wants to go through the emotional and financial turmoil of a divorce, but it is a reality.  According to MCJG Law, “9.3% of individuals over the age of 15 in California were divorced.”  It is a fact of life, and when it happens, oftentimes someone in the party needs to move quickly while dividing the assets of their home.  A shared home is one of the largest financial decisions a couple makes, and when there is a divorce, each side of the partnership is usually eager to split the sale of their home.  This allows for both people in the marriage to depart their marriage with hopefully some cash in their pocket from the sale of their San Diego home.  When going through a divorce, they are not all created equal.  Some are quick and some can drag on, leaving stress and emotional well-being in the dust.  A quick home sale in this situation is one less issue to have to deal with.  At Trusted House Buyers, we understand how sensitive a divorce can be and are here to help you navigate and sell your home quickly.


Sadly, a death in the family requires family members to sell the house of the deceased loved one quickly.  Whether you have inherited the home or not, many times, family members want to liquidate the assets of their loved ones.  The only issue is that many times, the home of an elderly family member is not in top shape.  Usually, you have a home on your hands that has many repairs to be done, not to mention the loads of updates and renovations that it would require to sell your home for top dollar.  At Trusted House Buyers, we do not shy away from homes in distress and actually welcome them!  We can walk your property and offer you a fair price for the home and condition that it is in.  One of the best perks of working with Trusted House Buyers when you have a home that needs quite a bit of care, is that we will take your home as-is AND you can leave anything you want behind.  We do not require you to clean the home out before the sale.  You can simply take sentimental items and leave the rest behind for us to deal with.  A death can be quite an emotional time for a family, and we understand the need to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Job re-location, divorce, and a death in the family are just a few of the unique situations that would cause you to sell your San Diego home because you need to move quickly.  At Trusted House Buyers we have dealt with all situations in a respectful and time-sensitive manner.  Our reputation speaks for itself and you can check out the many positive testimonials on our website.  We want to help you move on with your life by offering you a simple solution: a cash offer and the ability to close quickly.  Give us a call today at 619-786-0973.  We look forward to helping you sell your house today!

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