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Are you thinking how do I Sell My House Now San Diego? Maybe you’ve been looking for answers, or even searched that exact phrase, ‘how do I Sell My House Now San Diego’, online. I’m here to speak with you today because this is an area that we’re experts in.

Hi, I’m Brian Mollo, President of Trusted House Buyers. I started this company with the goal to help homeowners in San Diego who are faced with either a distressed situation, or a distressed home-or both! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of We Buy Houses San Diego advertisements. Or sometimes you see Sell My House Now San Diego advertisements. The most important thing I hope you get from this, whether you’re watching it or reading it, is this: who you work with matters. I’m going to tell you why it matters, and advise you to choose wisely. I’ll explain how we operate and then you can decide if it aligns with your needs and desired outcome.

Some of our clients are faced with divorce, or maybe they’ve inherited a home. Maybe they received a foreclosure notice in the mail, or are under major debt or medical bills. We have an incredibly easy solution for those problems. Other clients of ours have major code violations, or are behind in tax payments, or simply have a house that has a lot of problems and hasn’t been update in a long time. Maybe one, or some of these apply to you too. There are also many others reasons people have found us when trying to search Sell My House Now San Diego. But however you got to us, we are certainly glad you did. Whether you end up working with us or not, we hope this helps you make the best decision for your particular situation. And if we can either help through our services, or by pointing you in the right direction, well, then that’s even better! sell my house now san diego

But whatever your specific reason, you need to know there is a realistic, easy and fast solution that might be just what you’re looking for. We Buy Houses for Cash in San Diego. We relieve the problem you’re facing by providing that simple, fast solution. This particular option can be extremely simple, head-ache free and you can get a fair offer for the condition of your home. The flip side is this: it could not play out as you planned IF you decide to choose someone who isn’t an expert in this type of transaction. In fact, in can be a downright nightmare. Haven’t you experienced a service that wasn’t what you had originally thought? Well, this is no different. It’s an unfortunate reality of business and customer service these days. Not all companies or experiences are the same.

So, here are some things that I would look for if I was in your shoes. Now I can’t be exactly facing the problem you have because every situation and person is different. I understand that. But there are some similarities in some of the other situations we have helped and with yours, I am sure of it. So first thing you ask yourself is:

  • ‘Is this company local’? Being local in a specific real estate market like San Diego County is imperative. Having an out of town, regional, or even worse, national shop means that they are not experts in this location. They do not understand the nuances of our towns and cities. Applying band-aid type solutions that work in Los Angeles, or Miami, or Idaho will not be as effective here. I’ve seen it. Please don’t make that mistake.
  • Do they have a track record? Does their website show actual properties they’ve purchased? Ask them. Name a few properties that you’ve purchased, recently. If they only speak in generalities, or even if they are honest is saying, “well we haven’t yet”, then reconsider your option. This can be an easy transaction for you, but there are complicated intricacies that your transaction partner needs to have experience in, in order to make it pain free for you. An amateur direct home buyer will falter, and you’ll likely be the one left in despair.
  • Is someone FROM THEIR COMPANY willing to come to my house and look at it? This is very important. If it’s a contracted third party, or they claim that they don’t need to see the house, BEWARE. Maybe they can throw out a number that you agree to, but if you think they’re going to wire hundreds of thousands of dollars to an escrow company for your benefit without seeing it, then you are mistaken. These are folks who prey on people who have searched ‘how do I Sell My House Now San Diego’ What usually happens in this scenario is that at the last minute they view the home and then ask for a bunch of credits or a major price reduction. Or even worse, they try and sell the contract to someone else, only to fail and then back out of the transaction completely. Both of these are truthfully a real snaky move, especially if they’ve already seen it once. But it does happen. And we see other cash buyers use this type of tactic. It’s a way to hit you in the 11th hour with someone you’ll unlikely have much to do about it.
  • What is your initial experience with them? Do they seem legitimate and trustworthy? Trust your gut. Are they explaining everything in detail and with specifics or are they just generally explaining what they do and how the process works. Make sure you are asking plenty of questions, and make sure you are comfortable with their answers. There should be no real hidden secrets in how this plays out. They should be able to handle any questions you have and they should be involving at least 1 neutral third party to oversee the transaction, whether it be a licensed title company, or a licensed escrow company, or both. Do not move forward without either one of those. If they pushback, there is some kinda shenanigans going on there and it might be a scam.

So those are all very important things to be thinking about when either researching your options or speaking with a potential direct buyer. There are probably plenty more, but start there to get a sense that either this individual and/or their company are legitimate. Certainly proceed with cautious optimism. We have done countless deals where a Seller is working with another Buyer promising them the world, only to have it come back to us at a realistic buying price or terms, and we save the day. As you know, it’s not just about the numbers, there often is a lot of emotion involved in this type of transaction, so tread lightly, choose the right partner, and the rid yourself of a potential burden, and do so in a way that is seamless and fast.

With all of that being said, I will also tell you a little about our company so you can decide if we should consider working together. As you remember, my name is Brian and I own Trusted House Buyers. We set out to help folks looking for answers to the question, ‘how do I sell my house now San Diego’. Well, let me first tell you this: We live and work here in San Diego County, which is why I’m here in Balboa Park today in San Diego. I’ve been in real estate for years and I even worked at the largest home buyer in San Diego County for a few years, very successfully. But, I ultimately felt that there was a better way to service a homeowner facing a tough situation, while still operating a sustainable business. This, I saw, was something that was lacking in a giant company, and with a weekend mom and pop type buyer who might buy 1 home a year. So I left and started this company to help people who are thinking, how do I sell my house fast in San Diego. Because of our experience and expertise, we can handle just about any situation that you might be faced with. We’ve bought a bunch of homes, and we’re likely someone who can help you. If we’re not, I’ll be sure to be honest and let you know; not drag you along and get your hopes up. I believe in being transparent and fair. Working our best to solve your problem, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. There’s a good chance you’ll deal with me at some point during the process and I’d love to meet you. The best part of my role is when someone is so thankful that we closed the transaction and can move on with their life. The joy and relief I see in their eyes is what makes this special. If you think we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can ask as many questions as you like, or see if we’re a good fit for you or not. There’s never any obligation initially and we’d like to help, if we can.

Thanks for your time and I hope we hear from you soon. Call now 619-786-073.

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