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This video provides a step by step guide of how to sell your San Diego House in under a week.

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Hi Everyone. Thanks for tuning in.  Today I will discuss A Step By Step Process Of Selling Your San Diego House In Only A Week.

My name is Brian of Trusted House Buyers and I think you’ll find this very informative and very useful. So let’s get right to the good stuff.

Did you know that it is possible to sell your San Diego house in only a week? If you’re asking how do I sell my house in San Diego this fast, this topic is for you! When you work with Trusted House Buyers, you will get a fair price based on a number of factor, AND a fast closing. We will work with you on your schedule to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. 

Now, I’ll get specifically to the steps in just a bit. Now, There are many situations in which a fast and direct offer is a better choice over a traditional property listing. People who need to sell before a specific date, who don’t want to deal with repairs, or who need cash right away; those scenarios, a direct sale is a logical way to go. Working with Trusted House Buyers can help homeowners navigate any difficult situation you might be facing. We’ve see just about everything, and have helped a lot of folks in tough scenarios. People who need to sell within a certain timeframe will find great benefits when selling their San Diego homes directly to us.

For example, do you need to sell for any of these reasons?

You’re worried about foreclosure and the bank taking your home? Are You are tired of being a landlord, for instance, constantly dealing with bad tenants and downtime between tenants. Maybe he house isn’t big enough for your growing family. Or the exact opposite, Is the house is too big and you’re tired of maintaining so much space. Are you are going through a divorce and would appreciate a fast sale? Is there another investment you’d like to make that is contingent on the sale of your current property? Maybe you have tax problems that have prevented you from selling in the past or present.  Are there are liens against the house and you don’t have the means to clear them up before the sale? There could be code violations plaguing the property that you don’t want to take care of, they take a lot of money. Maybe you no longer like the neighborhood because it has been built up or maybe its become run down. Or do you have low equity and aren’t sure how to get out from under your house without paying even more money? Maybe you’re dealing with a sudden illness that has become expensive and burdensome.  Another scenario is you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one and don’t wish to stay in the house any longer Or are you a next of kin and have inherited a property that is unwanted or rundown?

These are just a few of the reasons why people want to sell their houses in only a week. Our team can make it possible for you no matter how difficult your particular situation may seem or how quickly you need to close. Now, let’s start talking about some of these specifics.

STEP 1. Get The Facts

Before choosing how to sell your house, we highly encourage you to take a look at all of your selling options. While listing your house may make you think you are getting more money, there is no guarantee that it will sell for that much. Plus, when you list with a San Diego real estate agent, you’ll have to continue paying the holding costs for the house while sitting there. You will also have to spend money on repairs, cleaning, staging, and marketing. When all this is said and done, you will own your agent about 6% in commissions and another 2-5% in closing costs. All in all, the traditional listing process can be even more expensive than you may think. According to the well known website bank rate home sellers should expect to spend about 10% of the final sale price toward closing costs. It is important to explore all of your selling options while being careful to account for all of the expenses each selling method will incur. And here’s a news flash, Zillow and Redfin are not accurate in their estimates. Additionally, be cautious of anyone in the real estate business over stating what your house is worth, only to back down significantly  on that number once you’re locked into a contract or even a listing agreement. At that point, your hands are tied and they have ultimately accomplished their goal, which is to control the contract or agreement and now can change the route that your are going down… It’s important to know WHO. YOU. WORK. WITH. MATTERS.

Step 2: Get An Offer

When you call up Trusted House Buyers, getting an offer is simple. We will carefully research your property as well as other recent sales in the area. We’ll learn all about your selling goals and when you need to move. As quickly as possible, our team will provide you with a stress-free, no-obligation offer. From there, the decision on how to sell is up to you. If you accept, we will typically be able to close on your house in 7 days or even less. Of course, the actual day of closing is completely up to you if you have other things to take care of because we’re also conscious of the fact that you have a lot going on. With our flexibility, we can ensure the entire process is handled to have the minimal affect on your stress levels.

Step 3: Get Your Stuff Ready To Go!

If you accept our offer, the next thing to do is get ready to get all your stuff out of there! Keep in mind we buy it as is, so there are no inspections to wait for, repairs for you to do, and no loans to wait for on our end. These are really the secrets of how we can close so quickly. There’s a lot less paperwork for you to deal with and everything is handled through a third party escrow and neutral, licensed title company; all above board. The same as a normal transaction, with less headaches and less costs for you. But while we are able to close on your house in only a week, we understand that you may not be ready that quickly. We will work with you to close on the day that is easiest for you. All you have to do is gather the items you are keeping and take them, and leave the rest of the items to us. We will take care of the repairs, the cleaning, and the items you wish to leave behind-it’s all on us. Our goal is to make the selling price as fair and convenient for you as possible. And the transaction, to make it really easy.

As you can see, the process of selling your house in only a week isn’t very complicated when you work with Trusted House Buyers. We will make you an offer and close when you are ready. Often within seven days or less if you can move that fast. You can always count on us for a great offer and exceptional customer service. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at any time. You can even ask for me directly, Brian! You won’t be dealing with a call center or national firm on the Eastern seaboard. We are locals. We live and work here and we’d like to help you out if we can. Thanks for watching! We appreciate your time.

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