Selling a Co-Owned Property in San Diego and What You Need to Know

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Co-ownership of a property allows individuals to purchase property that would otherwise be beyond their means. This sounds like a good idea, right?  Co-ownership is a great way for close friends or family members to help split the costs of a shared property or several properties in vacation spots, such as a lakeside property or a beach house. 

When there is co-ownership, it eliminates the need to earn income by renting out the home to people you don’t know to try to make up for all of the expenses. Of course, it’s best to discuss the exit strategy at the time of purchase so that you have no issues arise over selling a co-owned property. 

Read on in this article if you are a co-owner of a property in San Diego and you are ready to sell.  Please note that this article is for informational purposes, not financial or legal advice.


Maybe you are thinking about listing your co-owned San Diego property to save on heft fees like real estate commissions.  First, you should know that only about 11 percent of FSBO listings are successful. Marketing expenses can be hefty whether you are using a professional real estate agent or listing the home on your home.  Some of these expenses can include professional photographs of the property and staging the property to ensure you are getting the highest amount for your property.  Additionally, you will need to prep and complete any repairs because buyers seek properties that are in ready-to-move-in condition. Suppose you are not interested in putting in the time, money or effort to ready the property. In that case, you should know that professional buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers buy property in as-is condition for cash. No matter the condition of your home, Trusted House Buyers has seen it all.   Finally, if you want to work with a professional real estate agent and pay for their commissions, it is important to know that the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers NEVER charge commissions or brokers fees.  Now that’s a good thing.


It’s essential to understand the ownership category the property is under and how it may affect the process moving forward. Professional buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers can help you understand the advantages, disadvantages and considerations and how they may affect the sale. Trusted House Buyers are professional buyers that offer a full-service in-house team of the most qualified industry specialists  from the San Diego real estate market.  You will save even more money when you work with professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers because you won’t pay any closing costs or other professional fees. You will have cash in-hand that professional buyers from Trusted House Buyers offer you when you leave the closing table. At Trusted House Buyers, we don’t pressure you into a sale, and if we believe it’s best in your circumstances, we’ll advise you to list with a licensed real estate agent.

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Selling a co-owned property in San Diego doesn’t have to be complicated. Trusted House Buyers will provide you with all the details you need to make a decision like how much you would earn by listing your property vs. the fair price offer from Trusted House Buyers. At Trusted House Buyers, we believe in total transparency, so you will feel good about working with us long after the transaction closes. We are your neighbors here in San Diego who live and work alongside you, and we’re proud of our work. The professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers will offer you a cash offer for your property with a guaranteed closing date.  We can often make the offer quickly and efficiently. At Trusted House Buyers, we aim to make selling a co-owned property in San Diego quick, easy and convenient. Call Trusted House Buyers at 619-786-0973.

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