Selling a House in San Diego with Mold

Selling a house with mold can pose many problems and risk factors.  If you have a home in San Diego with mold that you are looking to sell, you may be wondering you can even sell your home at all?  Houses with mold not only present an unwanted discovery, but it can present serious health risks and consequences that may be dealt with.  Today, we will look into your options when you have a house with mold.  Luckily, Trusted House Buyers has your back and be the house selling option you have been looking for!

The Wonderful World of Mold

Let’s dive into what exactly is mold. We have all seen it and we all know it is a big red flag, but what is mold? Medical News Today defines it for us. “Molds are a form of fungus. There are many different types, and they can occur both indoors and outdoors. Molds produce spores, which spread by floating around in the air. Mold spores are present in all indoor environments. There is no way to prevent spores, and they can persist in conditions where mold itself cannot grow. Mold spores thrive in environments that are moist and warm, so when they land on a damp spot, they begin to grow. Molds can grow on a variety of different surfaces, including fabric, paper, wood, glass, and plastic. As they grow, they may digest the material they are growing on.” In other words, mold is a major issue that must be addressed.

Where Can You Find Mold in Your Home

The tricky thing about mold, is that it likes to grow in in dark, damp places that are usually out of sight. Places in your home that mold may be especially attracted to are basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and attics. They are attracted to areas that have moisture. provides some tips for the kitchen area, “Keeping the kitchen dry is job #1 to control mold. You can also paint the walls with a mold-resistant paint, and avoid having carpets and rugs on the kitchen floor, especially in front of the sink. Check under the sink regularly to make sure there is no dripping, and keep the refrigerator clean and organized while throwing out old food, which can contain mold.” All of these suggestions are great, but when you have a home that has mold or is distressed, making all of these changes is simply too late in the process. Other issues such as pipes, windows, or roofs that are leaking can bring this moisture into your home and oftentimes, in areas that are not out in the open. This makes a particularly unpleasant dilemma when the mold is out of sight because usually when it does make its way to the surface, the problem is a big one.

Health Issues

Mold can cause a laundry list of health issues and concerns. They can range from a simple allergy, to a serious health issue. Allergic reactions can present themselves much like the flu with running nose, itchy eyes, skin irritations, and sneezing. Allergic reactions to mold are quite common, but those without allergies can have these symptoms as well. However, not all mold issues are as simple a sneeze here and there. Those with asthma are particularly susceptible and can cause an asthma attack. When mold can be significantly damaging and detrimental to your health is when mold causes riskier health risks. let’s us know that,
“Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).” Mycotoxins can be particularly damaging to children, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Mold Inspection

If you have a home in San Diego with mold, selling your home is going to be tricky. Whether you have already had a mold inspection prior to wanting to sell or not, when dealing with a traditional sale, the presence of mold will show up in the inspection during escrow. There is no hiding it! tells us that, “If the mold inspection finds mold in your home, the next step is to make a remediation plan. This always begins with removing the source of the moisture that’s allowing the mold to grow. If you fail to remove the moisture, you can clean up all the mold and it will just grow back. Then, hard surfaces can be scrubbed and washed. Soft surfaces like carpets or foam tiles have to be cut out and replaced. It is impossible to clean all the mold off of porous surfaces.” Not only will the inspection set you back hundreds of dollars, but the repair costs are quite hefty depending on the location and size of your mold issues.

What Will This Cost Me?

If you know you have mold in your house, here is a breakdown of average costs to repair your home from Architectural Digest to repair the mold. Brace yourself!

Crawl space$500–$2,000
Whole house$10,000–$30,000

How Trusted House Buyers Can Help!

If you have a home in San Diego with mold, the likelihood of the headaches piling up is pretty inevitable. If you need to sell your home, you must deal with mold if you are trying to go the traditional route which means inspections and repair which can mean thousands and thousands of dollars, time, and energy. Another option, that is truly the simplest, is to consider selling your home to Trusted House Buyers, a local cash buyer here in San Diego. We are a family run business that is dedicated to buying homes from folks, just like you, who have major issues with their home and simply don’t have the time or resources to fix them. We buy homes in any condition, including homes with mold! We will take the issues off your hand and offer you cash for your home. There are no hidden fees or hidden inspections. This is what we do and we do not shy away from major house repairs like mold. We will come see your home and offer you a fair offer based on the current condition of your home. If you choose to work with us, we can usually close within 10 days. You can leave any items behind you do not want and move out of your moldy home and into your new life with cash in your pocket! Give us a call today at 619-786-0973 to learn how Trusted House Buyers can help you.

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