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Hello, homeowners in sunny San Diego! Today, we’re diving into a topic that might surprise you – selling your house with a mortgage and how Trusted House Buyers in San Diego can assist you in this unique process. Whether you’re moving for a job, downsizing, experiencing job loss, or need a change, selling with a mortgage doesn’t have to be a headache.  I am Emily with Trusted House Buyers and thanks for watching today!

Let’s begin by understanding what selling with a mortgage entails. Typically, when you sell a house, you’d pay off your existing mortgage using the proceeds from the sale. But what if your mortgage balance is higher than the sale price? This is where Trusted House Buyers can be a game-changer.

Selling a house with a mortgage can be challenging, especially when the outstanding balance is more than the property’s current market value. In such cases, homeowners often face a potential financial gap that needs to be addressed.  This can cause frustration and added stress that you definitely don’t need.  Selling a home in itself can be quite the emotional roller coaster, and this piece of the puzzle only adds to the uncertainties.

This is where Trusted House Buyers steps in. We specialize in buying houses quickly, regardless of the mortgage situation.  This should help you breath a sigh of relief!  Trusted House Buyers can help you sell your house with a mortgage without the stress and financial burden.  We have dealt with many unique situations and buying a house with an existing mortgage is no different.

We understand the complexities of selling with a mortgage, and we’re here to simplify the process for you.

Let’s delve into the process of selling your house with a mortgage to Trusted House Buyers.

Contact Trusted House Buyers

The first step, is to  Contact Trusted House Buyers to schedule a consultation.  It really is such a simple step that has the potential to change your life and your bank account.  We will be upfront and honest and meet you face to face.  We will see your property and give you are trusted opinion on what the best course of action would be for you.

Evaluate Your Property

Next, Trusted House Buyers evaluates your property and determines the fair market value, considering the mortgage balance. We assess your house’s condition and your mortgage details to provide a clear picture of the situation.  If we feel your house would best fare on the San Diego MLS, we will tell you so.  Being as transparent as possible is why we are a reputable cash buyer in San Diego.  We are a family run company and understanding the complexities of our home sellers and their unique situations. 

Cash Offer

Moving on to the fun stuff: Trusted House Buyers makes you a fair cash offer based on the market value and your mortgage balance.Our offers are designed to help you cover your mortgage balance and potentially put money in your pocket.  We can provide with you an offer usually within 24 hours of seeing your property. 

Offer Acceptance

Next, once you accept the offer, Trusted House Buyers handles the necessary paperwork and ensures a smooth closing process.  We work hand in hand with our home sellers to make sure they feel comfortable every step of the way.  We understand that selling a home can be quite daunting and our job is to step in and take that stress away from our home sellers.

Now that you understand the process, let’s explore the benefits of selling your house with a mortgage to Trusted House Buyers.

If you’re struggling to make mortgage payments and facing the risk of foreclosure, Trusted House Buyers can step in to prevent it.  We can be the answer you have been looking for and can help pull you out of a dire financial situation.

Trusted House Buyers buys houses as-is, so you don’t need to worry about costly repairs or updates.  We want you to feel comfortable knowing that whatever condition your home is currently in, we can still provide a cash offer.  We have seen it all and do not shy away from homes in dire need of repairs and renovations.  It’s what we do.

The process is designed to be fast and hassle-free, providing you with a solution to your mortgage situation promptly.  This can provide such a huge amount of relief, especially if you are in a financial situation that has been weighing you down.  There are options and selling your property has the potential to change your life. 

At the end of the day, selling your house with a mortgage can be a daunting task, but Trusted House Buyers in San Diego can be your solution.  We understand the complexities of selling in this situation and offer a seamless, stress-free process to help you move forward.  Afterall, we are simply a phone call away at 619-786-0973 to see if our partnership can help alleviate the stress that has been weighing you down. Thank you for joining us today, and remember, when it comes to selling with a mortgage, Trusted House Buyers has your back.

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