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Today we will walk through some tips on how to sell your San Diego house when you live out of state.  I am Emily from Trusted House Buyers and thanks for watching today!

Selling a home when you live in state can be a stressful and all consuming experience, but when you live out of state, it can be down right challenging.  It is definitely doable to sell your San Diego when you live out of state if you take the right approach. 

Let’s jump into the steps you can take to sell your San Diego home when you live out of state:

If you are looking to sell your home when you live out of state you definitely need to hire a reputable real estate agent: The first step in selling your home is to find a real estate agent who specializes in selling homes in San Diego. Look for someone with a proven track record and a strong knowledge of the local market.  It can be easy to jump with the first name you contact, but make sure you are dealing with an individual that can help you through every step of the process because living out of state can pose a lot of road blocks.

Next you will want to prepare your home for sale and when you are not living in the home, it can be a bit daunting.  It’s important to make sure the home is clean, decluttered, and staged properly. You may want to hire a professional staging company to help you make the most of the space.  If you live out of state, moving furniture out of the home, dealing with any outdated areas of the home, and not to mention repairs, can be a time consuming and costly process.  Unless you have family members nearby, you will be shelling out money to help you deal with preparing your San Diego home for sale.

Now, let’s talk about price.  It is imperative that you set a competitive price: Your real estate agent will help you set a price that is competitive with other homes in the area. It’s important to price your home correctly, as overpricing it could deter potential buyers. If you are not living in the area, you may not be up to date on the happenings of the real estate market in the town or city you are hoping to sell your home in.  And in today’s climate, the real estate market is ever changing.  San Diego has seen ups and downs almost weekly, so trusting a real estate professional who knows their stuff is key.

Being removed from San Diego, use technology to your advantage: Since you’re not physically present in San Diego, you’ll need to rely on technology to stay in touch with your real estate agent and potential buyers. You can use virtual tours, online listings, and video conferencing to communicate with your agent and show your home to potential buyers.  If you are not tech savvy, well it will be time to brush up on your skills.  You will be relying on technology to move you through this process remotely.

And lastly, be prepared for the closing process: When it comes time to close the sale, you may need to sign documents remotely or have someone represent you in person. This requires patience and a lot of coordinating.  Your real estate agent can help you navigate this process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Selling a home when you live out of state can be a bit more complicated than selling a home in your local area, but with the right team in place and a solid plan, you can still achieve a successful sale.  If the list of tips is making your head spin at the thought of selling your San Diego home when you live out of state, consider making a direct sale to a cash buyer, like Trusted House Buyers.  We can give you an offer almost immediately and take your home in any condition.  This will relieve you of the stress of trying to prepare your home for the traditional market and make repairs and changes to a home when you do not live in-state.  We also usually waive the inspection to offer our sellers peace of mind that escrow will not fall out when issues are revealed in the inspection.  We are used to homes in distressed states, so a home that isn’t in perfect condition does not send us running for the hills.  It actually attracts us to the home.

We want to ensure that you are able to push through a home sale with ease, lack of stress, and with a feeling of a relief that the home sale is taken care of by a reputable San Diego company.  We are simply a phone call away.  Call us at 619-786-0973.  Thanks for watching today!

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