Steps to Rid My House of Termites and Rodents

Dealing with a house that has termites and/or rodents is not for the faint of heart.  It is a problem.  A big problem that cannot be ignored or pushed aside, especially if you are looking to sell your house anytime soon.  As you know termites and rodents can multiply and continue to cause damage if left untreated.  Depending on the severity of the termite and rodent issue, will help you determine the costs associated with the little critters.  Unfortunately, sometimes damage caused by termites and rodents is many times not visible to the eye.  Let’s get into what steps you can take to rid your San Diego house of termites and rodents.

According to Architectural Digest, “Business owners and homeowners spend more than $2 billion every year treating damage from termites, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To avoid becoming part of this statistic, you’ll want to start treating your home right away.”

Different Types of Termites

  • Dry wood Termites: It is important to note that there are two different types of termites that can descend upon your home: dry wood termites and subterranean termites. Each type of termite requires a different approach. Warmer, coastal areas are where dry wood termites like to call home such as San Diego. They feed and nest in wood structures. So if you have seen an abundance of bugs with little yellow or brown wings around your home, you may have a dry wood termite infestation. Monterrey Pest Control let’s us know that, “Drywood termites are often eradicated by fumigating the complete home. Some homes are tented and heated to kill termites. Spot treatments and soil treatments are also options for subterranean termites.”
  • Subterranean Termites: subterranean termites means that these little guys find their home UNDER your home as they tunnel in the mud underground. Sounds fun, right? A fun fact is that subterranean termite colonies are much larger than dry wood colonies. They range from 100 to 1 million members!

Signs You Have Termites

There are many signs that you may have termites, so it is important to do your own analysis and research to see if any of these issues are descending upon your home. Orkin give us a comprehensive list of possible signs that a termite issue may be happening in your home.

  • Discolored or drooping drywall
  • Peeling paint that resembles water damage
  • wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • small, pinpoint holes in drywall
  • buckling wooden or laminate floor boards
  • tiles loosening from the added moisture termites can introduce to your floor
  • excessively squeaky floorboards
  • Crumbling, damaged wood
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Maze-like patterns in furniture, floor boards or walls
  • mounds of drywood termite pellets, often resembling small piles of salt or pepper
  • piles of wings left behind after swarms, often resembling fish scales
  • mud tubes climbing the foundation of your home
  • flying termite swarms anywhere on your property

What is this Going to Cost Me?

There are DIY remedies to help you get rid of termites like insecticides, oils, baits, and barriers. But if you are not familiar with the type of termite you have, let alone the severity of the issues, it can be tricky for the average homeowner to tackle this problem on their own. In the table below, you can see that termite issues can range from small to severe with varying price tags that range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Size of InfestationCalifornia Average CostNational Average Cost
Small$335 – $1,380$250 – $1,200
Medium$560 – $1,730$400 – $1,500
Large$1,456 – $5,185$1,200 – $4,500
Severe$1,565 – $7,485$1,200 – $6,500

Rodents, Oh My!

If termite damage wasn’t enough to scare you, rodents can cause pesky issues to the structure and health of your home. And if you are looking to sell your home anytime soon, you don’t need a rodent running along the feet of potential homebuyers during an open house! Lowe’s let’s us know that, “The most common rodent pathways are windowsills, fence rails, foundations, electrical wires, pipes, tree branches and conduits. Inspect your home, outbuildings and landscaping for these signs of rodents: droppings, gnaw marks and burrows.”

How Can I Keep Rodents Away?

There are some DIY steps you can do to keep rodents away, but if you have an infestation currently, it is best to get a professional company out to your home to help you tackle the problem swiftly. Of course this will come at a price.

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Put Steel Wool in Cracks and Holes
  • Store Food Correctly
  • Seal Entry Points
  • Put Traps Out
  • Clean Your Home Regularly
  • Apply Rodent Poisoning
  • Use garlic at entry points

If this list seems a bit overwhelming, calling in the professionals is the way to go. Depending on the severity of the issues you are dealing with the price can range from $100 on upwards. In addition, a monthly service to help keep the rodents away is probably something you should consider to ensure you don’t have continued rodent issues.

Trusted House Buyers

Getting rid of termites and rodents in your home is definitely a process that comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention the frustration and stress of living with little critters. If you are wanting to sell your home quickly and NOT deal with the effort and cash it will take to rid your San Diego home of termites or rodents, a simple solution is to consider selling your home to a cash buyer, like Trusted House Buyers. After all, rodent and termite issues will show up during a home inspection, which can cause homeowners to run the other way and quite possibly pull out of escrow if you go the traditional selling route. At Trusted House Buyers, we will buy your home in the condition that it currently is (including termites and rodents) and put cash in your pocket in as little as 10 days. You will not have to deal with fumigating your home, setting traps, trying to analyze where rodents are coming from, or costly exterminator price tags. Also, there are no hidden fees or home inspections. We take the home as-is, so you don’t have to worry about preparing your home for a traditional sale. Give us a call today at 619-786-0973 to see how we can help you sell your home and all of its critters!

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