Surprising Costs of Selling Your Home

The costs associated with selling your home in San Diego can really pile up. The stress can be overwhelming if you don’t know what costs can come your way. So that you can be prepared, below are five costs that may surprise you when selling!

  1. Commissions

6% may not seem like much of a commission, but when it comes to home selling, you’re talking about thousands of dollars. It is to be expected that the best and most experienced real estate agents will also charge a higher percentage. You can choose to negotiate this percentage, but you’ll likely land in that 5-6 range at the end of the day. If you choose to get a realtor, just to don’t be blindsided by this cost and make sure to factor it in to your end profit.

  1. Utilities

Many people aren’t living in their home at the time of it’s sale. You may have purchased a home somewhere else and are sitting on pins and needles until your old house is off the market. In this case, you should still keep your lights and heat on. It’s never a good impression for an open house when the lights don’t work and the air feels cold. So while it seems over the top to be paying for electricity in two homes, it really is to your advantage.

  1. Staging

Staging is vital piece in traditional home selling. It may come easily for those who love interior design and selling strategies. However, if you’re not a pro in these areas, you may have to shell out the cost to the staging masters. In San Diego, this kind of service can range anywhere from $100-$2000! That’s obviously a large cost that will need to be budgeted for if you want to take advantage of this rather crucial service.

  1. Home Repairs

Some home repairs might be small and the expenses that come with it should be minor. However, with larger repairs experienced pros are the ones who should take the lead. Particularly ones that involve electricity or plumbing. The downside is of course that professionals will involve larger costs depending on the size of the repair, and oftentimes the end cost is larger than the initial quote. Prospective buyers may also ask for repairs as part of the sale. So don’t be caught off guard by requests for new carpets or a roof repair.

  1. Painting

When trying to sell your home fast a popular tip is a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, quality paint goes for about $70 per gallon for just one coat. Each room could add up pretty quickly especially if you choose less expensive paint. Cheaper paints require an additional primer and at times multiple coats.

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