What Are The Best Tips for Selling a House in Chula Vista?

Whether you’ve had your home on the market for several months or you’re just starting the sales process, getting your Chula Vista property ready for a sale can be a difficult undertaking.

Here are the best tips for selling your home faster and removing some stress from the endeavor.

Understanding The Chula Vista Housing Market

Get to know the average home prices in your neighborhood as well as throughout the city of Chula Vista. Knowing and understanding the prices that others are getting for their homes is paramount to your own home sale because it will set your expectations and give you an indication of where you stand in comparison. Always look for like condition homes, as those pesky Zillow algorithms are not always accurate!

What Are The Best Months to Sell A Home Fast?

According to 2019 data for Chula Vista, the best time to close a house is in March. And since the standard home sale takes about three months from the initial listing to close, you’ll want to think about listing your home in December for it to be out of your hair in March.

Of course, you don’t always have a say in when you need to sell your home. Circumstances may occur like divorces, inheritances, or probates where the only good time to sell the property is now. The other unknown you will face is how long your house might sit on the market waiting for the right buyer to come along.

What Are The Most Popular Sections of Chula Vista for Home Sales?

Chula Vista is a constantly expanding city with more and more people moving in from outside of San Diego. The whole area is seeing rapid expansion but it could very well be the east part of Chula Vista that’s growing the most rapidly.

Properties in the areas of Cockatoo Grove, Castle Park, and Eastlake are seeing the most pronounced home sale rates in Chula Vista over the past year. The average home price in Chula Vista is currently around $552,215, which is slightly on the low-end for San Diego County but this figure is likely to rise in the coming years (Zillow predicts an increase in average home price of approximately 5.2% this year alone).

How To Get Your Home Ready For Selling?

Preparing your home for showings and the eventual sale can be time-consuming and feel like an uphill battle at times, but here are the main factors to consider.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time and Money on a Renovation

Renovating your home before a sale doesn’t always help you raise its asking price. In fact, oftentimes it will net you less money due to your costs. 

The biggest area of your home to avoid remodeling is the kitchen, as this is typically the most expensive project to undertake. Granted the kitchen is an important feature of your house and something that prospective buyers will want to see, but it doesn’t make much sense for you to shell out tens of thousands of dollars when the overall value of your home won’t increase by that same amount.

Find Outside Storage, Temporarily

You’ll want all of your most personal items moved out of the house when it’s time to give showings and get ready to sell.

Nobody wants to be shown a home that has its closets full of teddy bears and who knows what else.

When in doubt, opt for a storage unit for at least a couple months to help you make the transition quick and painless. If you’re able to sell your Chula Vista home fast, then you won’t need your stuff stored for very long and your costs will remain low. Ultimately, try and showcase your home in its best light by decluttering.

Make Social Media Your Friend

In 2020, there’s no excuse not to use social media when selling your home. If anything just throw up a couple nice photos on Instagram and Facebook, and apply some hashtags; you never know who will contact you to want to see it.

Make it clear to outside viewers that Chula Vista is a fantastic area within San Diego County. It’s the perfect location for those who work in downtown or Mission Valley, but it’s conveniently away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ok, But What If I Need To Sell My House in Chula Vista Now?

The tips we’ve provided here are useful for selling your Chula Vista home, but they don’t guarantee that you’ll sell it fast.

The only true way to expedite your home selling process is to contact local professional home buyers who can provide an all-cash offer, regardless of the condition of your home.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on remodels, repairs, and other unnecessary work, contact Trusted House Buyers today.

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