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Searching for We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews or are you thinking of selling your house fast in the San Diego area? Are you considering a We Buy Houses Company? Trusted House Buyers is a market leader in buying local homes, and our Company’s President talks about a few important items to think about if you’re searching for We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews.

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So we’ve all seen or heard about the We Buy Houses type companies. Some of them advertise with signs, mail pieces, or also on the internet. But what’s the deal with them? Are they legitimate? How do they work? And are their clients having good experiences with them? You might be specifically watching now to understand the We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews.

We’re at a house today that might qualify for a type of situation where these companies might be considered. It has some problems and deferred maintenance-some additions that are questionable. Usually there is a motivational factor too. There can be many: divorce, late mortgage payments, foreclosure, job loss, inherited home- the list goes on and on. If your home was just completely remodeled with tens of thousands of dollars, then these companies are NOT a good fit for you. This one just happens to be a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Chula Vista, San Diego. As we walk through and check out some of the additions that are pretty questionable and weren’t done up to code or with permits.

My name Brian Mollo and I’m President of Trusted House Buyers. We are a local San Diego house buying company that specializes in helping people who need to sell fast and are searching for We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews. We can be considered one of these type of companies and I want to talk to you today a little bit about a few things that might help you understand what we do, and important factors you should consider if you are looking for We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews.

We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews
You HAVE to vet who you are going to work with.

First, you should understand the how the process works. With every profession, there are qualified professionals and there are people to maybe avoid. Does their process make sense and does it appear that they know what they are doing? Make sure you understand how the company you are considering is specifically going to work on your situation-whether it be us or someone else. They should be talking about a few things like cash offer, as-is sale, and quick or flexible closing date. Most of them will allow you to leave unwanted or large personal items behind if you want, and there should not be any closing costs or realtor fees that you are responsible for. If you’re using the right transaction partner, these can all be very true. The sale is typically very easy and legitimate; it’s just a matter of working with the right team to make it happen. You might look for a good combination, or sweet spot, if you will-big enough to deliver on their word with regards to price and terms, but small enough to give you the service that you’re looking for.

Make sure you’re vetting them. Are you dealing with a real, local person who has authority at the company or a random, contracted third party? Or a national referral network? Are they registered with the BBB? Do they have any Google reviews? Do they have a website and any testimonials? Have you met them personally at the house and do you feel comfortable with them? They should be giving you specific answers, not general wishy washy answers. And then of course if you are moving forward, they should be able to have it all documented in written form, on an easy to understand, 1-2 page agreement. The transaction needs to go through a reputable third party, like a title and/or escrow company. Anyone who pushes back on any of these items you might second guess working with. For example, at our company, you can check out our website and look at the deals that I’ve personally been involved in, in San Diego County. Find out what our clients are saying and even understand our “WHY” or core values that guide our day to day.

So there’s a lot to digest there. But with such a large, important transaction you’ve gotta be comfortable with the people you are going to transact with and sell to. I understand why you would want to investigate We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews. I certainly would. These are just some ideas to help build the complete picture of who you’re dealing with and support any reviews or testimonials that you find.  A little homework or due diligence goes a long way. You don’t want to be left hanging out to dry or have them disappear or try for a bunch of last minute maneuvers. We’ve seen it time and time again where a seller will call us and say, “So and so buyer promised one thing, and now they renegotiating. Can you help?” And we do! It’s just unfortunate because it gives good companies who operate in this space a bad name, but I guess that’s the case with anything-bad coaches, doctors, teachers, mechanics- and then some really great ones.

We’ve been helping San Diego homeowners in all kinds of situations sell their houses fast for cash.

We love providing folks with an option that allows them to sell an unwanted home, or one that they need to move on from in a fair, ‘above board’ transaction. There is never any obligation to hear what we can do and there is no obligation to get an offer from us.  If it something that works for you, great. If not, that’s OK too. We’re a local, family run company in San Marcos,  San Diego and at Trusted House Buyers, we hope we can be of help. If we can’t, we’ll be quick to let you know that as well, so you’re not left wondering if you’re going to get through your situation in a timely manner.

If you’re further interested in We Buy Houses San Diego Reviews, call our company today at 619-786-0973.

My name is Brian and you can certainly ask for me directly if you’d like to speak. We can discuss how we can personally work with you, we can discuss your specific situation, and then talk about our track record, if that would help ease your mind. Thanks for watching and good luck.

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