What Does a Cash Buyer Look for During a Home Walk Through in San Diego?

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Today’s video will give you insight into what a cash buyer looks for during a home walk through.  I am Emily from Trusted House Buyers.  Thanks for watching today!

If you have always wondered how a cash buyer works and what they look for during a home walk-through, well you have tuned into the right video today!  We will dive into some of the things a cash buyer looks for walking through a potential sellers home.

The main thing a cash buyer looks for during a walk through, is the overall condition of the property: A cash investor will assess the general condition of the home, including the exterior and interior. They may look for signs of wear and tear, damage, or neglect that could affect the value of the property.  They may even bring their contractor to help walk the property with them to ensure there are no major issues.

Another thing a cash buyer looks for during a walk through, are the repairs and renovations needed: Cash investors may identify any repairs or renovations that need to be done to the property. This could include structural issues, plumbing or electrical problems, or cosmetic updates. They will consider the cost and feasibility of these repairs when evaluating the property’s value.  Bottom line: the cash buyer is looking to see what repairs and renovations will be needed to put this home on the market in San Diego.

Another thing they may look for, are potential for value-add opportunities: Cash investors may look for opportunities to add value to the property, such as through renovations, additions, or other improvements. They may assess the potential return on investment (ROI) for these value-add opportunities.  These days, ADU’s are quite popular, so an investor may look for how feasible this may be and if there is space for something like this.

Next, marketability and appeal: Cash investors may consider the property’s marketability and appeal to potential buyers or renters. This could include factors such as location, neighborhood, school district, and amenities. All of these things are extremely important when trying to sell the home! They will assess how easily the property can be sold or rented in the current market.  

Another thing a cash buyer looks for during a walk though, is investment strategy alignment: Cash investors may also evaluate how the property aligns with their investment strategy. This could include factors such as the potential for rental income, appreciation, or other investment goals they have. They will assess whether the property fits their investment criteria and aligns with their overall investment strategy.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but are there potential risks or red flags: Cash investors may be vigilant in identifying any potential risks or red flags during the walk-through. This could include issues such as environmental concerns, legal or zoning issues, or other factors that could affect the property’s value or marketability.

And lastly, what are the cost estimates: Cash investors may also assess the cost of repairs, renovations, or other improvements needed for the property. They may estimate the costs involved and factor them into their overall evaluation of the property’s value and investment potential.

It’s important to note that the specific things a cash investor looks for during a home walk-through may vary depending on their investment strategy, experience, and goals. It’s always recommended to work with a qualified and experienced cash investor, like Trusted House Buyers, or a real estate professional to thoroughly evaluate a property before making any investment decisions.  If you are interested in finding out about what exactly a cash buyer like Trusted House Buyers looks for during a home walk-through, we are always a phone call away.   We are happy to answer your questions and to come to your property to do a walk through ourselves.  We can usually give an offer with 24 hours and if you are ready to sell, you could have cash in your hands in as early as 10 days.  Reach us today at 619-786-0973!  We hope this video was helpful and thank you for tuning in today!

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