What to do About Code Violations on my San Diego House

Do you have a code violation on your San Diego house? You may be confused as what to do next or perhaps you are wondering if you can ignore it? Well, a code violation is never a good thing. It is basically like getting sent to the principle’s office, and we all know that never ended well. If you have a code violation on your home in San Diego, there are some key insights that will help you navigate the code violation process and how to deal with it gracefully! Let’s dive in.

What to Do About Code Violations on My San Diego House: Understanding Code Violations

So let’s first start with the basics. What exactly is a code violation? Well, a code violation on your home means that there is something going on with your home that does not comply with the city of San Diego. Civil penalties may be issued for egregious violations. Each city, including San Diego, has a building code that they follow. Code compliance is crucial as it involves adhering to these local regulations to avoid any legal or safety issues. Common housing code violations include electrical problems, plumbing issues, structural deficiencies, inadequate ventilation, mold infestations, and pest infestations.

The city of San Bruno explains it further, “The California Building Code sets forth the minimum health and safety requirements for the structural strength, means of egress, stability, access to persons with disabilities, sanitation, lighting and ventilation, and energy conservation of residential dwellings. The Housing Code applies to all aspects of construction, alteration, enlargement, replacement, repair, use and occupancy, maintenance, and demolition.” Housing codes are a critical part of these regulations, ensuring the safety, well-being, and quality of living for residents. In California, housing code violations can lead to significant legal consequences, including penalties, fines, and legal action for non-compliance, emphasizing the importance of immediate action, documentation, contacting authorities, seeking legal advice, and addressing health and safety concerns. Imminent health and safety hazards posed by severe code violations directly threaten the community’s health and safety. Achieving voluntary compliance is a goal, working together with property owners to resolve issues before enforcement actions are necessary, highlighting the importance of cooperation in maintaining the standards set by local housing codes.

Who Started These Housing Code Violations?

Unfortunately, the major culprit in this situation are your neighbors. What happens in this situation is that a neighbor complains on you to San Diego code enforcement, often targeting the property owner directly. They can either do this by calling the city or online, emphasizing the importance of providing detailed information about the violation, including the type and location of the violation, as well as evidence such as photographs or videos. Perhaps you have a vacant car on your property, trash on the lawn, unkept landscaping, loud noises such as barking dogs or loud music, or even an illegal garage conversion, all of which can lead to significant problems and serious threats to the safety and well-being of residents. The list can go on, and it’s crucial for property owners, especially those with rental property, to understand that selling a property with violations is possible to a trusted buyer who will purchase the property as-is and handle the code violations after the sale.

Wikihow.com explains further: “Look online to see if your city has an official online public database for building code complaints. If they do, use the website’s search function to scan the records until you find the complaint you received (many cities allow you to search via the case number on your report). If you’re lucky, the name of the person who reported you will be in that report. If you live in a city or state where the records are public but you have to pull them in person, go to your state’s Public Records Office (or City Clerk’s Office) to submit the request.” Just because you have possibly found out who started this mess, doesn’t mean it will go away. You can contact the neighbor to be cooperative and help resolve the situation, but you can’t ignore the violation.

So, now what for the Property Owner?

So you have been slapped with a code violation from the city of San Diego. You may be wondering, now what? What usually happens next is a code enforcement officer from the city will show up at your door. This is not the person you want to see. They have no qualms and will walk right into an abandoned home or a backyard. In addition, they will take pictures of your property. It is important to comply so you don’t dig yourself deeper into a hole! If you are not home, they will leave the citation on your front door ranging from a “fix-it” ticket to a “stop work” ticket. In addition, they will mail you a citation. Now this is where compliance takes center stage. They usually allow you time to take action to fix the issue before taking legal action. If you want to appeal, there are steps you can take, but time is of the essence. According to Sandiego.gov, “The following Building & Land Use Enforcement notices can be appealed within 10 calendar days of the issue date:

  • Administrative Citations
  • Administrative Abatement Notice and Order
  • Notice of Boarded and Vacant Structure Penalty
  • Intent to Record a Notice of Violation
  • Relocation Cost for Notice and Order to Vacate”

What if you Fail to Comply?

Well, some homeowners may feel that ignoring the violation is the best option, afterall, who has time for this? Think again, failing to comply to a code violation on your home in San Diego can have serious consequences and cause a mountain of stress. Green Button Homes let’s us know that, “Once you fail to comply with the City demands, the homeowner will be subject to:

  • Abatement – The City may direct a third party to demolish, secure or remove junk and debris. The City will recover costs.
  • Civil Penalties – May be assessed up to a daily maximum amount of $10,000 and up to a total maximum amount of $400,000.
  • Judicial Remedies – The San Diego City Attorney can file Criminal or Civil cases against the responsible party or parties. They will TAKE YOUR PROPERTY when you lose in court.”

This definitely doesn’t sound like a path worth taking. This option could leave with tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines and legal fees.

Can I Sell my San Diego House with Code Violations?

If your current house in San Diego currently has a code violation and you are looking to sell your home the traditional way, well, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Any home with code violations must disclose this information to potential buyers. Osborne Homes further explains, “California law mandates that sellers disclose any known violations to potential buyers, ensuring transparency but potentially jeopardizing the sale due to apprehensions about additional costs and legalities.” This can make for a tricky situation, as most potential home buyers do not want to get tangled up in the web of legalities or code violations. This, quite frankly, could send potential home buyers running for the hills right off the bat, or worse, pulling out of escrow at the last minute. This can cause an already stressful selling situation to easily blow out of proportion.

Call Trusted House Buyers

If you are needing to sell your San Diego home that currently has code violations, skip the hassle of dealing with legalities, code enforcement officers, unhappy neighbors, and tricky code violations. At Trusted House Buyers, we buy properties in “as-is” condition, code violations and all. Let us handle the dirty work, so you can walk away from your property with cash in your hand and stress out the window. Usually, we are able to close our transactions within 10 days, that means that you can walk away from your home with new financial freedom. We are able to walk you through the process every step of the way and handle all paperwork. We truly aim to streamline the selling process, unlike a traditional sale where the hurdles of selling a home, especially a home with code violations is vast. Many times, homeowners with distressed homes, unique selling circumstances, or issues with the home (such as pesky code violations) don’t know how they will ever sell their home on the traditional market. Afterall, your home, with all of its problems, is going to compete against homes that are turnkey with newly renovated kitchens and baths – not to mention – homes free of code violations! We are able to buy your home for cash and close quickly. Give us a call today at 619-786-0973 to see how we can help you sell your San Diego home, code violations and all!

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