When to Skip DIY Home Repairs

HGTV, YouTube and Google have changed us. In the ‘fixer upper’ and internet age we feel invincible! Any project of any size seems like a cinch in under 10 minutes! This isn’t always the case. To the dismay of many DIYers, projects often take much longer and cost much more than they anticipated. If you’re not a repair person by trade, there are many unforeseeable factors that may lead to DIY defeat. To skip the headache, the backache and the wallet-ache, it usually best to let the professionals do their thing. But when it comes to home repair to sell your house faster, when do you know when to hand over the power tools or to skip hiring a contractor all together? We’ve got two common issues and two solutions to help you find out.

Plumbing Repairs

Alright, it’s true, you’re most likely capable of installing a toilet or replacing an old faucet on your own. That kind of thing usually comes along with a step by step instruction pamphlet. So long as you have the patience and the right tools, you’re probably golden. It’s when a plumbing repair goes beyond this, that things can get a little sticky. Leaky roofs, clogged drains and low water pressure are just a few of issues that seem doable by an average homeowner. However, if the usual patches like Drano or scrubbing your shower head don’t do the trick, it’s time to call the pros. These seemingly mundane issues can actually be indicators of much larger issues that can cause serious damage to your pipes or your home structure if you attempt to repair on your own.

Electrical Repairs

Again, if you need to replace a light bulb or change a light fixture, I believe you are qualified. Anything involving snipping wires and potential sparks are best left to licensed electricians. There is so much at risk with electrical repairs, from starting fires to getting zapped, wire work is riddled with danger. In addition to being spooky, electrical work is confusing and difficult. Professionals study how to perform these repairs safely, well and to code. Which leads us to say this; even if no sparks fly and everyone is left unscathed by your attempts, there may still be issues down the road if repairs are not done to code. These codes are in place for the safety of you and your family. So if you find yourself in a mess of wires and not knowing what color means what, it’s time to put down the wire snippers.

Two Repair Solutions

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced (or annoyed) that DIY home repairs may be out of the question for you, let’s provide some solutions.

First, there are likely qualified professionals in your area and with a bit of research you can find the one that fits your needs best. While it’s true that repairs can be costly, you can sometimes get ballpark quotes from professionals before you commit to one. While on your search for a seasoned pro, make sure to check their background to see if their business is insured and licensed. Also know that hiring a contractor comes with a whole other set of challenges. We can’t tell you the number of calls we’ve gotten from homeowners stuck between a rock and a hard place because they’ve hired an unreliable, inexperienced, or even crooked contractor.

Two, selling your home fast is hard enough. Did you know that cash buyers will take care of any and all repairs in your home? If your property feels burdensome with repairs, Trusted House Buyers will buy as-is and you can forget about your DIY troubles. If you tell us about your home, we can make you an offer within 24 hours. If you like your no obligation offer we can move to close quickly, often in as little as 5 days! Selling your San Diego home to cash buyer will relieve the stress, avoid the hassle and get cash in your hand much faster than any DIY home repair journey. Take it from us.

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