Why Cash Buyers in San Diego Can Buy Your Home in “As-is” Condition

I’m sure you have heard it before.  “We will buy your home in ANY condition.”  You may be wondering if this is just a scam or if this statement is actually true.  It is inevitable to feel skeptical when a cash buying company makes grand statements like this.  And let’s be honest, there are many cash buying companies in San Diego that make false statements and claims only to get you under contract.  To learn more about how cash buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers can buy your home in “as-is” condition, please read on.

Distressed Properties

There are many types of properties in San Diego, and oftentimes, if the property is distressed or in need of repairs, chances are they will not fare well as a traditional sale on the San Diego real estate market.  Homes that are older, in need of major renovations (like the kitchen or bathrooms), or who may have repairs that have been neglected are not ready for an open house and definitely not ready for a potential buyer to pay top dollar.  Many times sellers who own distressed properties in San Diego are looking to rid themselves of their property in the fastest and quickest way possible because the laundry list of items to get the home prepped is simply too much handle.  The professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers do not shy away from a distressed property.  In fact, we gravitate towards them!  These are the exact properties we are looking to make fair offers on and to help the seller move on with their life.

No Inspection

Another thing you need to know about cash buyers in San Diego who are willing to buy your home in “as-is” condition is that there is no property inspection.  Yes, you  read that right.  No.  Property.  Inspection.  When a seller is trying to sell their home that is in a distressed condition, it is pretty much 100% likely that a property inspection is going to highlight issues and repairs that need to be done to the home.  This simple fact can easily derail the transaction, and oftentimes, can force the deal to fall out of escrow.  Cash buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers provide the seller with a fair offer for your home that does not require a property inspection.  This allows the San Diego seller to rest easy during the transaction, especially when you have a home that you know is in desperate need of repairs.  You can truly sell your home, in ANY condition, and not have the stress of what the inspection report will bring back.


Professional cash buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers have years of experience buying properties in San Diego.  The cash buyers at Trusted House Buyers have seen it all and have had many, many transactions close smoothly and quickly, no matter the condition of the home.  With experience in the industry, Trusted House Buyers is used to buying homes that are severely distressed, in need of repairs (for example, window issues, roof repairs, and foundation issues.)  Not to mention the professional cash buyers at Trusted House Buyers do not shy away from homes that are not appealing to the eye and need renovations.  We understand that homes like these do not fare well on the open market, and are known to simply sit on the market for weeks and months at a time.  This fact can cause stressful uncertainty, especially if you are in a situation that needs immediate action.  Rest assured that the cash buyers at Trusted House Buyers are here to buy your San Diego home in “as-is” condition.


The next thing you need to know about why cash buyers in San Diego can buy your home in “as-is” condition is their approach to making an offer for your home as-is. Professional buyers like those at Trusted House Buyers practice total transparency and lay everything out on the table. The professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers want you to make an educated decision about the best way to sell your home, so they will compare what you’d profit should you list your house on the San Diego market vs. their offer to buy your house directly. With no prep work, repairs, marketing, or showings to worry about, when you add it all up, the bottom line is that a direct sale to a professional buyer at Trusted House Buyers saves sellers time, energy, and money. And, when you consider you won’t be paying any holding costs to keep your home on the market until a conventional buyer comes along and that the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers never charge commissions, you will be saving even more. Additionally, you won’t pay any closing costs or any hidden fees, there are no surprise charges coming off the top of an offer from the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers, and the amount of the offer is the amount of cash you will receive in hand at closing.

The professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers are local professional home investors who care about improving their community and helping our neighbors. If your situation is complicated, you can relax because the seasoned pros at Trusted House Buyers have years of experience in meeting the needs of sellers like you and guiding them over any hurdle that could interfere with the sale of their house. Talk to the professional buyers at Trusted House Buyers about these and other things you need to know about companies that buy houses in San Diego in “as-is” condition, they will be more than happy to answer your questions and address any of your concerns without obligation. 

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