Can I Short Sale My San Diego House?

Are you in a financially stressful situation that is making you contemplate if you can short sale your San Diego house? If you are, then you know the uncertainty of money matters can wreck havoc on your personal relationships, your mental health, and your credit to name a few. Today, we will discuss in detail the options you may have in order to short sale your San Diego House. Let’s get into it!

What is a Short Sale?

The first order of business is to truly understand what a short sale really is. According to, “Short sales allow a homeowner to dispose of a property that is losing value. Although they do not recoup the costs of their mortgage, a short sale allows a buyer to escape foreclosure, which can be much more damaging to their credit score.” Also, when going through a short sale, it reduces the amount of fees a homeowner would typically pay. Those fees are paid by the lender in a short sale. Those seeking out a short sale are usually on their way to a bank foreclosure which can be extremely damaging to your credit. Let’s discuss some of the pros of selling your San Diego house as a short sale.

Let’s Talk About the Pros

There are indeed pros to selling your house as a short sale even though you feel you are in a financial downward spiral. One of the most obvious pros of selling your San Diego house as a short sale, is that it allows homeowners to get rid of a property that is causing them major debt that they are extremely unlikely to repay. Another pro was noted above and that is homeowners do not need to pay as many fees that are usually associated with a home sale. When you are struggling financially, every bit of savings helps!

And Now the Cons. . .

It wouldn’t be fair if we also didn’t discuss the cons of a short sale. One of the major cons is that a short sale can be very damaging to a homeowners credit, but many homeowners feel that is the price to pay to get out from under a pile of debt and future debt. explains further that, “A short sale hurts a person’s credit score less than a foreclosure but it is still a negative credit mark.2 Any type of property sale that is denoted by a credit company as not paid as agreed is a ding on the score.Also, there is definitely more paperwork when you are involved in a short sale. Paperwork means time and patience from all parties. A short sale most definitely takes longer to close, so if you are considering this process, make sure you are ready for a drawn out process.

Do I Need to Fix Up my House?

When looking to short sale your home, you can sell your house “as-is”. That means that your house is sold in the condition that it is currently in. It is now the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the home and identify any problems. If your home is distressed, this information could come as a relief. Attempting to ready your home for a traditional sale costs money and usually lots of money. To prepare your home in the best light, homeowners typically renovated key areas of their homes like the kitchen and bathroom to get the highest sales price. In addition fresh paint, new flooring, curb appeal, fixing major repairs such as roof and plumbing issues are usually par for the course when going the traditional route. Rest assured you do not need to do any of this if you are looking to short sale your home. Typically homes that are short sale are not in tip top condition and buyers expect that.

Trusted House Buyers

Trusted House Buyers has a reputation of helping homeowners sell their homes and get out of situations that are quite sensitive. In this case, Trusted House Buyers can negotiate with your lender for the sale of your property. You can walk away without dealing with the lengthy and timely process that a short sale usually requires of you. You can also avoid foreclosure that is most definitely looming if you have been unable to pay your mortgage for some time. At Trusted House Buyers we understand that when homeowners are under financial distress, a reliable and efficient solution is needed. Give us a call today at 619-786-0973 so we can walk you through our process. Typically, we will meet you at your home and assess the property and it’s condition. We will also compare the property to other similar homes in the neighborhood that have recently sold. We can then offer a fair cash offer to your bank for your home in it’s current condition. We are completely transparent in our offer and can explain how and why we arrived at the number that we did. From there, we can usually close within 10 days. Does that sound better than dealing with piles of short sale paperwork for a year? You are able to walk away from the burden your home has been creating and move on with your life. If you are interested in learning more about how you can let Trusted House Buyers help you with the sale of your home, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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