How Much Does A House Inspection Cost?

Buying a house is a phenomenal milestone for any American. If done the right way, it can even be a solid investment. By the right way, we mean taking the necessary steps to help you make a sound financial decision and get value for your money. 

Conducting a house inspection is one such step you shouldn’t skip in a traditional market sale. Sure, it usually means forking out extra cash on top of the purchase price. Understandably, that can be a bitter pill to swallow for any prospective homeowner. But it certainly beats the alternative of purchasing a house ridden with masked flaws. These flaws can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the house. Plus, you may wind up paying an arm and a leg in the future for repair costs.

So how much does a house inspection cost in San Diego? The cost depends on several factors including the location and size of the house, the inspector’s experience, and the San Diego real estate market. But, on average, you’re looking at anything between $221 and $499.

What Is A Home Inspection And What Does It Include?

As the name implies, a home inspection is a service performed by a qualified home inspector in which they examine a home you intend to buy (or sell). The goal is to reveal critical information about the condition of the house by identifying minor and major issues. How long it takes depends on how big the house is, as well as the inspector’s expertise.

A typical house inspection includes inspecting the condition of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. It also involves inspecting the fireplace, appliances, roof, foundation, interior & exterior, and checking for mold, among other items. 

These are all commonly included on the general home inspector’s list, but other contractors may take it a step further and check for pests or termites.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

How much you spend on a house inspection depends on a host of factors, such as the size of the house. Naturally, conducting a house inspection on a smaller home is much cheaper than on a larger one. You’re looking at around $221 to inspect small houses and around $499 for larger houses. 

The location is another determining factor. You can expect the cost to be much lower if you’re having a house in Chula Vista inspected. It’s going to be higher if a house situated in the affluent area of  Del Mar is being inspected.

The house inspection rate also has a lot to do with the inspector you task with the job. Established inspectors with top-tier track records are likely to charge you more than new contractors still looking to gain traction. Some inspectors charge flat fees, while others base the amount on the square footage of the house. 

The real estate market also influences the fee. San Diego home sales increased by 16% in June alone, proving that it’s an area with high demand for real estate. And the higher the demand, the more home inspectors are required, which pushes the price up. 

Who Pays For A House Inspection?

The buyer usually foots the bill for a home inspection. After all, you’re the one with more to lose should you end up buying a house in dire need of repairs. Once the inspection process is complete, the inspector issues you a detailed report. 

Depending on the findings, you can decide to go through with the deal, negotiate for a lower price or withdraw. If you want to continue with the deal, the seller is usually responsible for costs associated with water damage, mold formation, plumbing irregularities, and faulty or outdated electrical systems. Working with a home buyer that takes houses as-is can be a great way to avoid these costly inspection costs and opt for a quicker cash sale. 


A house inspection is an important step when purchasing a home, as it reveals the condition of the property.  By taking this step, you avoid getting blindsided by future repair work. How much you pay for a house inspection depends on the location of the house, size, and the inspector you employ. But the cost averages between $221 and $499 for the majority of homes in San Diego. Normally, the buyer is responsible for the fees. 

The seller can, however, decide to be proactive and have the inspection done before putting the house on the market to get the best price possible and avoid markdowns, or handle any of the repairs upfront 

Homeowners can also work with real estate companies that cover all the costs , including house inspections. Following a home inspection with a traditional retail buyer, they can use it as a contingency to back out of the deal or renegotiate the purchase price.

Whatever the case may be, skipping a house inspection is a risk you don’t want to take if you’re looking to buy or sell your home in a traditional market.

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