Sell My House Fast Because of Military Relocation

Life in the military can have many challenges, especially when you are a homeowner and need to relocate quickly.  Moving cities and even countries is something that those in the military use.  It comes with the job.  However, that doesn’t make the situation any easier.  Read on, as we give you valuable tips with an insider’s perspective on how to sell your San Diego house fast because of a military relocation.

When someone in the military receives their PCS or Permanent Change of Station order, there may be feelings of pressure and stress to sell your home quickly.  According to Military One Source, “Unlike temporary duty assignments, permanent change of station orders are a longer-term assignment, generally two to four years.”  This can mean your PCS is going to affect the next few years of your life, or longer.  It is important to get the most of your house financially so you are set up for the next stage of your life.  Afterall, you want the transition to go as smoothly as possible, especially if you have a spouse and children that will also be experiencing this move.  


Do you have time, energy, and the necessary funds to get your home ready to list? According to, “Home buyers are looking for “move-in ready,” so getting your home in immaculate condition and any repairs completed will be important before you take photographs or post your online home listing.  Prepping your home may include:

  • Necessary Repairs:  it may be in your best interest to get an inspection done before you plan to sell your home to see what issues may arise.  Afterall, if there are any major, glaring problems, they will most definitely show up when you are in escrow and could potentially scare buyers away.  Making repairs to your home are necessary especially when they can make a difference in what potential buyers see when walking your home during a showing or open house.  Although the most expensive repairs are usually ones that you can’t see.  So get your pocketbook ready!
  • Declutter:  homes that are free of all of the added clutter that inevitably builds up when living in a home for your years is important to make your home feel fresh, updated, and bigger!  This can be quite the task to go through each room of the house to free the home of clutter and belongings that crowd the space.  Afterall, potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, and seeing Grandma’s antique doll collection displayed in the family room may not be the best first impression.  Also, consider renting a storage unit to move these items and even furniture pieces that are taking up valuable space.
  • Stage Your Home:  It is a fact.  Staged homes sell much faster than a home that is not staged.  Staging breathes new life into a space and if you find the right home stager, they will even make your home look bigger and brighter.  This means more money for you in the sale.  But beware, good professional staging is usually thousands of dollars.  There is definitely a difference in quality so be careful attaching yourself to a cheap home stager.  An inexpensive home stager means the quality of the items being put in your home will reflect that.  You definitely get what you pay for, so make the right choice!
  • Professional Photos:  Once your home is prepped and staged, spending the extra money on professional photos is key.  Oftentimes, professional photographers can also offer 3D renderings, drone shots, and videography of your home.  In today’s digitally forward world, potential buyers like to see their new home across a variety of digital platforms.  Especially if you are selling to another military family who may live out of the state or out of the country, professional photography and videography really helps them see your home from every angle.


Military relocation professionals are realtors who have a special certification to better assist home sellers and buyers who are affiliated with the military.  In San Diego where we are surrounded by the military, it is important to know your options and to feel fully informed when selling your San Diego home quickly because of military relocation.  According to, “. . . service members often rely on their military relocation professionals to serve as their boots on the ground and scout out the area before they arrive. Since MRPs have in-person knowledge of the area, they can gather the military member’s preferences and find homes within those parameters.”  


If planning and preparing for your PCS is causing stress and anxiety, it is understandable.   You want the process to be seamless and you obviously need it to happen as quickly as possible.  If the to-do list that was mentioned earlier in this article sounds unrealistic for your daily life and timeframe, there is an option that may check all of your boxes.  Consider selling your San Diego home quickly to a cash buyer investor, like Trusted House Buyers.  When you sell your home to Trusted House Buyers, we are able to give you a fair cash offer for your home usually within 24 hours of seeing the home.  We are able to take your home as-is.  You don’t need to de-clutter your home or spend money on big and small repairs because we take homes in any condition.  It is actually our specialty!  It is important to note that not all cash buyer investors are created equal.  At Trusted House Buyers, our seller testimonials on our website provide first hand accounts of working with us and how we were able to streamline the selling process for them.  One of the best parts of working with Trusted House Buyers, is there are no hidden fees or costly real estate agent commissions.  There are truly no surprises, and we pride ourselves on being completely transparent throughout the selling process.

We understand that moving and relocating for the military is part of the job, but we want to make it as simple and easy as possible.  We want to work within your timeframe and allow you to focus on what truly matters.  We also want to honor the commitment you have made to our country and as your neighbor in San Diego, we want to provide the best service we can for those that give their lives to service.  Give us a call today at 619-786-0973 to find out how Trusted House Buyers can help you sell your San Diego home quickly so you can focus on your military relocation with ease!

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