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If you have decided that sunny San Diego is no longer home and you are moving out of state, it can be quite the undertaking to sell your home on top of all of the other items on your long “to-do” list. Moving down the street can be a real headache, but moving out of state brings up even more issues and time sensitive matters that need to be addressed in a specific timeline. Not only are you trying to coordinate your move out of state and potentially purchasing a house in your new place of residence, but you are not become a home seller here in San Diego. Understanding the ins and outs of selling your San Diego home and selling it quickly is extremely important when trying to pick up your life and move it thousands of miles away. At Trusted House Buyers, we want to help you have peace of mind during a big life transition. Let’s jump into it!

Tips for Selling a Home when Moving out of State

When you are moving out of state, usually time is of the essence. Perhaps you are relocating because of a job or you are moving closer to family. Whatever the reason, you will need to sell your home in San Diego quickly so you can get on with your life. Consider a cash buyer investor like Trusted House Buyers as your first order of business!

Trusted House Buyers

At Trusted House Buyers, we understand that each home selling situation is unique. We also know you have many options when selling your home. Our job is centered around helping clients in San Diego get out of their homes quickly and in the most stress-free and seamless way as possible. We are simply a trusted house selling option that will provide you with cash for your home in a matter of days, so you can move on to your next order of business – moving thousands of miles away! We have a proven track record of helping home owners in San Diego leave their homes in San Diego with a smile on their face. You can even leave any item behind that you do not wish to take across the country. This can be a huge help when you are already trying to pack up your life for a big move.

If you do want to attempt to list your home on the San Diego MLS, there are a few important steps you need to take, so make sure you have time, energy, and your wallet ready!

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Prepping your home while simultaneously planning for an out of state move is not an enjoyable process. If you are looking to list your home the traditional way on the San Diego MLS, it is imperative that your home looks ready for potential home buyers. One of the most important things you can do to help your home sell is to hire a professional stager. Now hiring a professional stager comes at a cost. It can cost between $1500 on the cheap end on up to $7500. When you are moving out of state, every penny helps. The actual move can be extremely expensive as is, so you have to be ready and willing to shell out some serious dough.

Now when you plan to stage your home, that means you have the time, energy, and resources to rid your home of existing furniture and spend the money to store is somewhere. To stage your home, stagers need a blank canvas. They will come in and provide updated furniture and decor to most, of not all rooms of your house. If you still have grandma’s armoire, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Although staging can help you sell your San Diego quickly, it does require you to pack up and rid your home of clutter months before you are most likely ready to move, not to mention the financial investment involved!

Market Your Home

Another important order of business, is to market your San Diego home. In today’s world, potential home buyers are usually all looking online as their first stop to finding their potential new home. You will need to make sure that your home is listed on the San Diego MLS and if your home does not have professional photography or videography, it will stick out like a sore thumb and buyers will simply click on to the next home. You can pay for standard photography, 3D photography, drone photography, and videography. Each one of these can be hundreds of dollars, so be prepared for this expense as well.

Today, we have given just a few tips to selling your house when you are moving out of state. The process can be simplified when choosing a cash buyer investor like Trusted House Buyers. We are a family run company here in San Diego and are your neighbors. We understand the real estate market and trends and what is necessary to sell your home quickly. We can work within your timeline to help this next transition of your life happen with as little stress as possible. If you need to move in the next week or need to stay behind, we can work within your parameters. This fact can truly bring peace of mind to home sellers that are moving out of state because the timeline in itself can be one of the most daunting parts of moving! For more information on how Trusted House Buyers can help you sell your San Diego home quickly when you are moving out of state, give us a call today at 619-786-0973. We can walk you through our specific process and come see your home and meet face to face. We look forward to working together!

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