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Selling your San Diego home quickly to move closer to family is more common than you may actually think. According to, ” What’s the most common reason cited for moving in 2022? That would be Moving to be closer to family members(29%).” There are many reasons to move closer to family. You may be experiencing job re-location, needing to help elderly parents or family members, military re-location, or simply wanting a change of lifestyle. Today, we will dive into how to sell your San Diego home quickly when you are moving closer to family.

How COVID Caused Re-location

One of the first things that come to mind in why people are moving out of San Diego to be closer to family, is COVID. COVID caused many lifestyle changes and one of the main changes is that people wanted to move to be closer to family. COVID caused a world of uncertainty including job loss. Many households wanted to move out of expensive areas when the outcome of the pandemic and unemployment seemed quite uncertain at the time. We all know that living in San Diego comes with a hefty price tag. According to Nerd Wallet, “San Diego is the 13th most expensive cities out of a database of 304 cities.” That is quite a staggering statistic that not all households can handle. Many households are stuck in situations they should not be in and simply don’t know the way out.

Cost of Living

Living in sunny San Diego has many benefits as we all know. We enjoy beautiful weather year round, world class beaches, amazing school systems and universities, clean air, and beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, all of these perks comes with a pretty major price tag. According to the median listing price in San Diego is….drum roll….$999,000! Not all people can afford this high price tag, and to be honest, most are living beyond their means. When you live beyond your means, all areas of your life suffer and you continue to be in a financial hurricane.

“House Poor”

Being “house poor” or “house broke” refers to a sticky situation where homeowners have bought homes that are simply beyond their means. They are bogged down with spending money on high mortgages, costly repairs, and renovations. In today’s world where homeowners are constantly updating their homes to “keep up with Joneses”, they quickly get caught in a very hard financial situation that makes them second guess why they are in the hole and if they should move. If you are in this kind of situation and have come to your senses, you may be wondering how to exit your current home without all of the stress that it can cause. After all, if you are moving to be closer to family, chances are you could be moving thousands of miles away and even out of state. This type of move us a HUGE undertaking, especially when you have children involved. You are uprooting your life, your children’s lives, and you need to sell your home quickly so you can establish roots in your new location.


Many times ,homeowners need to re-locate to move out of state for a host of reasons. Especially in San Diego where our military live in our back yards, there are a high number of our community members that need to move quickly because of military re-location. This requires military members to prep, list, and sell their homes quickly so they can move their lives across the country. One of the other main reasons people need to move quickly is job-relocation. When you receive the order that you will need to move because of your job, many times, time is off the essence and requires you to move very quickly. This is where Trusted House Buyers comes in to play.

Moving Closer to Family

And the topic we are highlighting today is the need to move from your San Diego home because you are moving closer to family. Moving closer to family may allow you to live within your means in a city where the cost of living is lower. It may allow you to be closer to aging parents. Or it may simply be a change of lifestyle for your family. When you to move quickly, consider using a cash buyer investor like Trusted House Buyers.

Trusted House Buyers

Trusted House Buyers is a family run business right here in San Diego. Our goal is to provide a streamlined and stress-free cash buying experience from a “trusted” cash buyer investor. It is very important to note that not all cash buyers are created equal. Many cash buyers in San Diego will try to low ball you, get you under contract, only to pull the rug out of under you when they reveal of the hidden costs and fees they are now requiring. At Trusted House Buyers we do not charge commissions and we have no hidden fees. We understand that each situation is unique, and we work directly with our clients to make sure they not only understand the cash buying process every step of the way, but that they feel comfortable with the offer. In addition, if we feel your home would best fare as a traditional sale on the MLS, we will be upfront and transparent to let you know. We are not here to take advantage of any home seller. It is quite the opposite. We are here to provide a cash buying solution when you need to sell your home quickly to move closer to family. Check out our website at and give us a call today at 619-786-0973 to find out how we can put cash in your pockets so you can move closer to family. We are simply a phone call or a click away!

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